New in Sweden

When you are new in Sweden there are some things you must bear in mind. You need to register in the population register at the Swedish Tax Agency, and you also have to register with Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency) to have access to the social security system in Sweden.

Population registration

Everyone who lives in Sweden is registered in the Population Register, which contains information about who lives in Sweden, and where they live.

Many of your rights and obligations depend on

  • you being registered in the Population Register
  • where you are registered.

Your right to child and housing allowances depends on you being a registered resident. Where you pay taxes and vote also depends on where you are registered.

Introduction of newly arrived refugees

There are certain special rights that apply to anyone who has reached the age of 20 years (but is not yet 65 years or older) and has a residence permit as a refugee, quota refugee, person in need of protection or is a close relative of one of these. For example, you are then entitled to an introduction plan and introduction benefit. If you have reached 18 years (but not 20 years) and do not have parents in Sweden you are also entitled to assistance. A newly arrived person is a refugee of immigrant who is new to Sweden.

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