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Civic orientation is intended to help you if you want to know more about Sweden and Swedish society. The material is available in downloadable files in several languages. The purpose of the civic orientation is to make it easier for new arrivals to become established in work and social settings.

The civic orientation contains the following chapters:

  • Arriving in Sweden – This chapter describes what it can be like to arrive in Sweden. You also get to know a bit about Swedish history, culture and festivals.
  • Living in Sweden – In this chapter you can read about the Swedish labour market and business sector. There is also a short description of Sweden’s geography and population. You can also read more about housing, housing agencies and home insurance. The chapter also deals with practical matters in everyday life, and what it is like to live with a disability in Sweden.
  • Supporting Yourself and Developing in Sweden – This chapter describes different education possibilities and conditions for studying, as well as certification of foreign education. You can also read more about the labour market, the Swedish working model and how to look for work. You can also find out more about how to start and run your own company and about taxes and income statements. One section deals with social security and unemployment benefits. Another section talks about leisure activities, culture and clubs.
  • The Individual's Rights and Obligations – In this chapter, we talk about gender and equality, LBGT rights and discrimination laws. You can also read about help and support, such as family counselling, women’s shelters and the Children’s Right in Society (BRIS). There is also a description of the rights of children and young people in society in relation to parental responsibilities, including friendships, relationships and leisure activities.
  • Building a Family and Living with Children in Sweden – This chapter gives a description of Swedish laws on marriage and common-law marriages. You can also read more about expecting a child, giving birth and parental insurance. The chapter also includes information about children’s right to school, preschool, after-school recreation centres as well as important parts of legislation that you may need to know about.
  • Having an Influence – This is a description of how Sweden is governed and of the European Union. You can also read more about democracy in theory and in practice and about what public opinion is. There is also information about how elections take place.
  • Looking After Your Health in Sweden – In this chapter you get a description of Swedish healthcare, medical care and dental care. You will also get tips on how to take care of yourself, for example by exercising and eating well.
  • Ageing in Sweden – This chapter talks about pensioners and elderly care.

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The book About Sweden

The book is available in several languages as a PDF document. You can currently download the book in Swedish and 10 other languages.

Anyone who wants to can download the PDF version of the book:

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About Sweden – Civic orientation

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