Describe your skills

To ensure you get guidance on the right education and work for you, it is important that you have an opportunity to show what you have done previously. By having your knowledge, skills and previous experience assessed in Sweden, you could gain access to education or an occupation, for example. Assessing skills is known as validation. Having your skills validated makes it easier for you to plan your next step on your pathway to work in Sweden.​


Assessing your own skills

Self-assessment is a way of describing what you can do in a vocation and what work duties you have had in the past. Arbetsförmedlingen has a number of self-assessment forms where you can assess your own vocational knowledge and experiences. Using your answers, you can gain an idea of how you can apply your experiences on the Swedish labour market. Self-assessment can also form the basis of a dialogue with an employment officer or a study and careers adviser. You can complete the self-assessment before registering with Arbetsförmedlingen. The self-assessment form is available in 12 languages and for almost 20 sectors. You can find it here.

Different forms of work experience can open up opportunities

A work experience placement can help you learn more about a vocation, gain experience of working life or build on your existing vocational skills.

There are several types of work experience. For example, you can do work experience if you need to find out more about a particular vocation or if you need to learn about new aspects of a job.  Or you might want to practise your Swedish in the workplace, try out a vocation after a lengthy absence or demonstrate your ability to work. Last but not least, a work experience placement may mean you get references from an employer in Sweden.

Discuss which form of work experience may be suitable for you with your employment officer. If you would like to find out more about work experience, read more h​ere.

Vocational skills assessment

Once Arbetsförmedlingen has established your background, experiences and preferences, you may have an opportunity to carry out a vocational skills assessment whereby you demonstrate your skills and have them assessed in the workplace.

A vocational skills assessment can help you find out what you need to gain more knowledge about and experience in order to continue working in your vocation. After the assessment it may turn out that you need to carry out work experience or study to supplement your experience with what is needed in your vocation.

The assessment can take up to three weeks and is conducted in the workplace. In the workplace you will have a supervisor to provide support and evaluate how you are performing the various aspects of the job.

A vocational skills assessment is designed for jobseekers with little or limited experience of the Swedish labour market. Contact your local employment office to find out more or read more here.

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