Finding a job

Arbetsförmedlingen arranges activities which you can take part in when you are looking for work. These could include seminars about how to write a job application or a CV or tips for job interviews, for example.

To find out what job vacancies there are in your vocation, search here. And if you would like to assess your vocational prospects in Sweden, you can search in Arbetsförmedlingen's Yrkeskompassen ("vocational compass") service. Yrkeskompassen is available in Swedish only.

To access most of the services Arbetsförmedlingen can offer, you need to register as a jobseeker with Arbetsförmedlingen.

Finding it difficult to get a job or do you need extra support?

If you are a jobseeker and an employer would like to give you a job, in some instances Arbetsförmedlingen can offer the employer financial support for a limited period.

The reasons why the employer may be eligible for financial support can vary. For example, perhaps you need an opportunity to learn more Swedish by being in a workplace, perhaps your work situation needs to be adapted because you have a physical disability, or for some other reason you need support while you establish yourself on the Swedish labour market. The idea of the financial support for the employer is to make it easier for you to find work.

The employment support available is called different things. It could be called an entry recruitment incentiveor new start recruitment incentive . Contact your employment officer to see if any of these incentives may be applicable to you.

More pathways to work

There are other pathways to getting a job than those that Arbetsförmedlingen can help you with. You can contact an employer directly, use your network of contacts, distribute your CV in so-called CV databases and reply to job ads online and in the newspapers.

You can also find out further information about the different approaches here.

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