​​The legal profession is regulated in Sweden. This means that an advocate/jurist with foreign degree, who wishes to work on the same basis as someone with a Swedish degree, must obtain such a qualification. For certain professional categories such as judges, lawyers and prosecutors a Swedish law degree is a requirement. The degree of Master of Laws in Sweden is equivalent to four and a half years’ full-time study.

Evaluation of foreign degrees

An assessment of your degree is made by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

To have your foreign education assessed, you must apply and send in your documents to UHR. There is a digital web application at where you can submit an application and upload your documents, preferably in colour.

You will also need to submit several different documents.

Documents in any of the Nordic languages, English, French, Spanish or German do not need to be translated.  Documents in other languages must be translated.

Supplementary education

For foreign law graduates who wish to undertake supplementary education there are three alternatives.

Swedish Degree of Master of Laws

For the Swedish degree of Master of Laws it is necessary to apply to one of the law courses in Sweden. At present, law courses are offered at six universities in Sweden. These are Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg, Uppsala University, Lund University, Umeå University as well as Örebro University. If one is accepted on the programme one may then request that the foreign education is taken into account. As a rule, there is a requirement for three and a half years study in Sweden.

​Supplementary education and training

Supplementary education is provided at higher education institutions in Sweden. They qualify for financial aid and last for 1-2 years.

Korta vägen

One alternative which does not lead to the degree of Master of Laws, but which can improve your opportunities to get a job in your field is the vocational training programme Korta vägen.


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