Activities and leisure

There are a lot of associations and clubs in Sweden. There are associations for all sorts of interests. Sports clubs, film clubs, theatre groups, gaming associations, scout corps, ethnic associations, associations for outdoor life, photo associations and much more. Joining an association to do something you enjoy is a good way of meeting other people with the same interest, increasing you personal network and practicing your Swedish.

​Libraries and library cards

All Swedish municipalities have libraries. The libraries are open for everyone.

Libraries have books for children and adults in different languages, magazines, periodicals, language courses, civic information, music, film, computers etc. Borrowing books from a library is free, but you need to get a library card, which is also free. Books are usually lent for four weeks, but some may have shorter borrowing times. Check your receipt!

Recreation centres

Municipalities normally have recreation centres for young people between the ages of 12 and 16. There may also be recreation centres for young people above those ages. At the recreation centre you can watch films or meet friends. Sometimes courses are arranged in which you can learn to dance, act or play music.

Contact your municipality to find out what's on offer, or check out the municipality's website.

Youth programmes

In addition to recreation centres, many municipalities have special programmes for young people. These can include youth centres or places where young people can meet and have the opportunity to start different projects or groups.

Contact your municipality to find out what's on offer, or check out the municipality's website.

Sports associations

Sports associations are important for many children and young people in Sweden. Young people who do sports are healtier and more positive about the future. They suffer less from stress and have more friends. Sports are also an important way of getting people to meet in a natural way and on equal terms.

The culture school

The culture school gives children and young people opportunities to engage in artistic and cultural activities after school.

In the culture school, your child can, among other things, learn to play a musical instrument, sing, dance, act in a theatre, and devote itself to various art forms after school.

Here you can read more about the culture school.

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