Children aged 6-12

​​​The child will start school, and friends and its own interests will become ever more important. At the same time, the need for close relationships within the family is still strong.

The child’s development

Children develop differently. You can contact the school health care if you need support or have questions about your child’s development.

In 1177 Healthcare information service (1177 Vårdguiden) you can read more.


From the age of 6, children have a right to begin in pre-school class, which is a voluntary school form. Most six year olds in Sweden are in pre-school class. Pre-school class is free and has a large component of creative work and play. The children go to pre-school and pre-school class Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are at leisure.

Elementary school is required and free for all children. It is most common that children start school in the Autumn of the year they reach the age of 7. Elementary school consists of nine years of classes. Each school year is divided into two terms, an Autumn Term and a Spring Term. 

Read more on the Swedish National Agency for Education’s website About Swedish Schools.

You can also read more here about the child’s first time in school.

​Leisure time

At these ages, most children try out many different leisure time activities, and being with friends is important.

It is usual that a child will be involved in some club, for example in order to take part in sports, to learn to play a musical instrument, or to explore art and theatre.  

Here you can read more about various leisure time activities.  

The child's health

If the child gets sick, you can turn to your health care central.

If you have questions about the child’s development you can turn to student health care (elevhälsan).

Here you can read more about the child’s health.

Child safety

At this age it is ever more common for there to be accidents in sports locations. It is important that the child use protection, for example a helmet, in the sports and activities which require it.

Here you can read more about child safety.

​Advice and support

There are various places in the municipality to which you can turn in order to get advice and support, to receive parenting training, or to share experiences with other parents.

Here you can read more about where you can turn.

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