Children and young people

This page contains information about child health centres, young people’s clinics and childcare as well as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Ombudsman for Children and the voluntary organisation Children’s Rights in Society (BRIS).​

​The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 

Almost all countries have laws and regulations to protect children and young people. Children and young people in Sweden and protected by both international and national laws.

Sweden has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. A convention is rules that several countries have agreed on. The Convention on the Rights of the Child contains rules to protect the human rights of children.

Children’s Rights in Society – BRIS 

Children who need to talk to an adult can call Children’s Rights in Society (BRIS). BRIS is an organisation that helps children and young people who are worried or have a problem. There is no charge for calls to BRIS Anyone under the age of 18 years can call BRIS on the phone number 116 111 and talk to an adult about anything at all. It is free. Your number is not seen on the phones at BRIS. Nor can you see in the telephone bill that someone has called the number. On the right-hand side of this page you will find a link to the BRIS website.


Childcare is the name given to the places where children can be on the days when their parents are working or studying. Examples are preschools, family day care and out-of-school centres. Children are entitled to childcare when their parents are working or studying. Parents who are looking for work or are on parental leave with another child may be entitled to childcare. Childcare is handled by the municipalities, but there is also private childcare. Children aged between one and five years are entitled to a place in preschool or family day care. If you are a jobseeker or at home with younger siblings, your child is entitled to childcare for about three hours per day or 15 hours per week. 

Get in touch with your municipality to find out more about childcare where you live. 

Child health centre (BVC) 

The child health centre (BVC) gives parents help. At the child health centre (BVC) you can get tips about your child’s development, breast-feeding, food and illnesses. When you come home after the birth, you can contact BVC yourself to make an appointment for a first meeting. The first meeting is often held at home. At it the nurse tells you about the BVC and looks to see how the baby is doing.

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