HVB is short for Hem för Vård eller Boende (homes for care or residence). HVB homes are run by the municipality or by private owners. Private homes have to be approved by the Health and Social Care Inspectorate (abbreviated IVO in Swedish). Younger children are usually placed in foster homes instead.

The Social Services are responsible for ensuring that you get a safe and secure home, with the opportunity for support and development. You have the right to express your opinion and to be listened to, and both you and your guardian have to accept the proposed residence.


Home for care or residence – HVB

HVB are homes for children and young people who are unable for various reasons to live with their parents.

You are entitled to a meaningful life during the time you live in a HVB. Under the Child Convention you have the right to rest, leisure and recreation adapted to your age. You also have the right to participate freely in cultural and artistic life. On the basis of your needs, you are also entitled to opportunities for sport and cultural activities in order to develop.

Foster home

A foster home is when you live at home with a family. The social welfare committee decides when a foster home is to receive a child. You have the right to feel secure in the foster home. You must be treated with kindness and respect, and receive the same treatment as other children and young people in the foster home.

Tell us if conditions are bad

If you feel something is not working out in your foster home or your HVB, you have the right to say so. Begin by talking to your contact person or social welfare officer, or if you don't think that works you can send an email to or phone IVO and describe what you think is wrong.

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IVO's child helpline:

020-120 06 06

Do you know your rights?

Information for children and young people living in Swedish residential care homes or foster homes.

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