The school system

Here you can find out more about out-of-school centres, preschools, compulsory school and upper secondary school. That is, the Swedish school system.

The Swedish school system consists of many different services and forms of education, but a brief overview is given below. You can read more on the website of the National Agency for Education.

Preschool - Preschool is educational group activities for children from the age of 1 until their school start. Children start preschool at different ages and take part for different lengths of time. One purpose of preschool activities is to enable parents to combine parenthood with work or studies.

Preschool class - Preschool classes are a voluntary form of school. All children must be offered a place in a preschool class from the autumn term in the year when they reach 6 years of age until they start compulsory school.

School-age childcare - Municipalities are obliged to offer out-of-school centres and other educational care to schoolchildren up to and including the age of 12 if their parents are working or studying.

Primary and lower secondary school education - In Sweden, all children between the age of 7 and 16 are required to go to school. The school start is flexible so that a child can begin as a 6, 7 or 8-year old, if there are special reasons for it.

Upper secondary education - All young people in Sweden who have completed compulsory school are entitled to a three-year upper secondary school education. Upper secondary education provides basic knowledge for further studies and for a future working life.

Special school - Children with developmental disorders do not always manage the standard primary and lower secondary school. Then the child can instead go to a primary and lower secondary school for children with intellectual disabilities.

The upper secondary special school is for four years. One can choose between national and individual programmes. Before a student starts the upper secondary special school, the municipality makes an educational, psychological, medical and social assessment to find out if it is the correct school type for the student.

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​More about the school system

You can read more about the school and school system in the Skolverket's (the Swedish National Agency for Education) brochure in several languages.

Preschool and preschool class

Primary and lower secondary school and leisure-time centre

Upper secondary school

Special school

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