Young people in Sweden

​Young people in Sweden are often very independent. School teaches them critical thinking, and to question received truths. Young people have access to free education, student aid and possibly a housing allowance. That means that you have real opportunities to choose your own way in life. Many young people leave home early, perhaps to study in another city.

Första lägenheten

You are expected to be independent, but you remain dependent on your parents, your guardian ad litem or your guardian until you turn 18. As a young adult, there are many things you have to manage. You have to take care of your finances, study or work, wash, clean, cook and be in contact with government agencies.

These are things that you practice while living with your parents, in a HVB home or a foster home.  Some things you will learn at school, while you have to find others out for yourself.

Finding a place to live

The Flat portal

The municipality's website will often have lists of landlords and available flats in the municipality.

Links to the municipalities’ websites

Student housing

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