Culture has a lot to do with history; we have several major festivals that are usually celebrated in Sweden. There is a rich supply of culture at museums and theatres and in music in Sweden.

​Music, theatre, art and books are examples of culture; there are often cinemas and theatre stages in a municipality.


All municipalities have libraries that are open to everyone.

Libraries have books for children and adults in different languages, magazines, periodicals, language courses, civic information, music, film, computers etc. Borrowing books from a library is free, but you need to get a library card, which is also free. Books are usually lent for four weeks, but some may have shorter borrowing times. Check your receipt!

The library is a good place when you have just arrived to get information about Swedish society and to learn the Swedish language.

Traditions and festivals

A tradition is an important event that is often celebrated, such as Easter. Many traditions and festivals that are celebrated in Sweden come from religion. Some traditions have a Christian background. Some come from the time when people in Sweden had several gods, for example Thor and Odin Today religious traditions and festivals are mainly holidays when people meet their families and friends.

New Year’s Eve, Easter, May Day, Midsummer’s Eve and Christmas are some of the festivals celebrated in Sweden. Then most people are off work.

Christenings, weddings, birthdays and funerals are events associated with special ceremonies during a person's life.

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