Rules of conduct

In a residential building you live close to your neighbours. Showing respect to neighbours is obvious – you need to if everyone in the building and housing area is to be happy there. Tenants who misbehave despite being reminded about their conduct may lose their security of tenure in their rented housing (be evicted). The following are some examples of what to bear in mind.

Show consideration

All residents are obliged to show consideration for the other residents. This is particularly important between 22.00 and 07.00. In order not to disturb your neighbours, remember that:

  • Stairwells are echo chambers. The sound of running, playing and of slamming doors can easily become a nuisance. As a tenant you are also responsible for ensuring that your guests do not disturb the neighbours.
  • Adjust the volume of your TV, computer or stereo.
  • Not drill or nail up things on the wall after 20.00.
  • Having a party is fun, but it is a good idea to let your neighbours know well in advance A good rule is to reduce the sound level the later it gets in the evening.

Bikes and prams, the greatest threat in fires

For fire safety reasons you are not allowed to keep furniture, sledges, bikes or prams in the stairwell. This also creates difficulties for the cleaners. 

Satellite dishes and aerials

If you want to put up a satellite dish or aerial, this may require permission from the landlord. This also applies when you install it on your balcony or a window in your apartment.

Good sense about balconies

Remember that flowerboxes must be placed on the inside of the balcony rail. Out of consideration for neighbours and fire safety, grilling is generally not allowed on the balcony.

Refuse collection and recycling

Avoid problems in the refuse room and refuse chute by always tying the refuse bag before throwing it away. For everyone’s convenience, no one is allowed to place refuse bags outside the outer door, not even for a short period of time. You take bulky and heavy refuse, such as furniture, by yourself to the municipal recycling centre.

Read more about waste separation and recycling in Förpacknings- and tidningsinsamlingen's brochure.

Your pet

If you have a pet that spends time outside your apartment, there are a few things you need to bear in mind for convenience and safety. No pets may be in the stairwell without a leash and dogs must be kept on a lead outdoors. It is also your responsibility to ensure that they do not foul the area around the buildings (this is particularly important around children's play areas), so always use a bag for waste. For hygiene reasons you are not allowed to feed birds from balconies or window ledges or on the ground. The food readily attracts pests like mice and rats.

Common areas

The courtyard is a meeting point for everyone in the area and is often a play area for children. Courtyards must therefore be kept car-free. Obviously everyone has to be careful about plants and shrubs and other common facilities and use the litter bins provided in the courtyard.  If you see something that is broken, contact customer service.

Laundry room rules

You and your neighbours have common access to and responsibility for the laundry room. This means that it is up to you have to clean up the laundry room after using it. This means that you should leave the laundry room clean and fresh - just the way you would like to see it when it is your turn to use it.

Different landlords may have different rules of conduct. Find out what applies to your building.
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