Jämtland-Härjedalen's Sports Federation

Jämtland-Härjedalen's Sports Federation (Idrottsförbund) can offer support and help in coordinating resources in the form of money, knowledge and contacts. Physical activity is at the core. Movement stimulates well-being and health, physically as well as mentally. Sports can be an important part of the everyday lives of refugees and new arrivals as well as people with residence permits. Sports can be a  significant part of their health and well-being. Sports can be a place to do what you know or are good at, and a place to try something new. There are opportunities here for everyone to do sports - opportunities that may not have existed before due to culture, availability or time. Via district organisations, sports can offer support to clubs so they can open up their activities or expand them so that more people can participate and feel well, spontaneously and as a first step towards membership. More and more people are turning to sports, and health and well-being are increasing.

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