The Red Cross

The Swedish Red Cross works for the fulfilment of human rights. Where there are needs and deficiencies in society, it tries to influence politicians and authorities e g to make changes to legislation so that migrants' rights are upheld. The founding principles of the Red Cross movement are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntarism, unity and universality. The movement has no religious or political affiliation and never takes sides for or against any of the parties in wars or conflicts, standing only and always on the side of the individuals who become victims of them.

The Swedish Red Cross has a variety of engagements, including with emergency preparedness, support for refugees and asylum seekers, health care for undocumented people and victims of torture, courses in first aid and international law, and social work. The Red Cross is present in all the county's municipalities with such activities as charity shops (Mötesplats Kupan), first aid groups, sewing groups, language training, telephone helplines, family reunification and prison visits.

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