Uppland Sports federation

​Upplands Idrottsförbund (Uppland Sports Federation) is the National Sports Federation's regional organisation in Uppland. Our mission is to support, represent and lead the district's sports.

The Uppland Sports federation represents Uppland sports in its contact with authorities and sports organisations and we court the society's decision makers in our capacity as opinion builders in sports-related matters.

The Uppland Sports federation shall:

  • work towards and convey the message about the sports' basic values according to the sports Idea program Sports Wants to
  • raise the main development issues for sports, to create prerequisites for a well-functioning sport in Uppland.
  • demonstrate the social benefit of sports and significance to the health of people and youth's living conditions.
  • defend the people movement idea.
  • provide the Special sports district federation (SDF) and sports associations requested support and service.

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