Uppsala city mission

Uppsala Stadsmission (Uppsala city mission) supports and helps people who are in vulnerable life situations. We have several meeting places and organisations in Uppsala where we work toward creating relationships and providing contexts.

Uppsala stadsmission is a non-profit organisation, which helps unaccompanied mothers who are unable to manage their day to day activities, abused women in need of therapy, elders who live alone, the young Rumanian couple in need of food and heating, newly arrived women looking to find a way in society, as well as all men and women who live in homelessness and abuse.

We offer open meeting places, individual support, work training and social entrepreneurship as well as activities to women. We refurbish and develop our activities on the basis of the existing needs and available resources. We work toward both long term goals and tend to emergency requirements. We want people to regain control over their lives, feel hope and life satisfaction as well as a belonging to the society.

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