Volontärbyrån (Volunteer bureau)

Volontärbyrån helps people and non-profit organisations to find each other. We do this by communicating tasks to the non-profit organitions and by training and supporting associations on matters of non-profit engagement.

Volontärbyrån is a non-profit organisation within the interest organisation Forum, idea-rich organisations with a social focus. The forum works to, among other things, make the civil society visible as a central part of the social development, for democracy as well as welfare.

For us at Volontärbyrån, non-profit engagement is more than giving. People who engage as volunteers also get a lot in return, such as an outlet for theirs interests and a chance for personal development. Non-profit engagement also creates solidarity among us humans. It makes us feel better and involved in the social community.

Engagement in non-profit organisations moreover provides a voice to people in the society and thereby a possibility to influence social development.

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