Åmål is located in Dalsland where Lake Vänern stretches almost as far as the town centre and the private harbour is just a stone's throw from the market place. Together with 48 other municipalities, Åmål forms the county of West Götaland. Åmål is located in the northern part of the county where it borders Värmland. Åmål municipality was formed in January 1971 through a merger of the town of Åmål and the municipality of Tössbo. Åmål has been a city since 1643 when Queen Kristina the First signed the charter. Other towns in the municipality of a similar size are Fengerfors, Tösse-Tydje, Fröskog, Ånimskog, Mo and Edsleskog.



The largest administrator of accommodation and premises is the municipal company Åmåls kommunfastigheter, ÅKAB. The company offers accommodation in the central and rural areas.

A list of accommodation companies and estate agents can be found on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

In Åmål municipality you will come across the following language groups: Albanian, Arabic, Serbo-Croat, Finnish, French, Persian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Associations and organisations

In Åmål you will find Åmål's Christian congregation and you can read more on the church's website. You'll find information about all active associationson Åmål municipality's website.

Study association Vuxenskolan
Language lesson for those newly arrived in Sweden, social cafés

Bingo cafés, music cafés, language cafés, resident collaboration groups.

The Red Cross
Meeting places, excursions, visiting activities, newspaper reading for SFI students, advice for new arrivals to Sweden  (authority contact).

Family Centre
Baby café, open preschool, everyday Swedish, parent groups

Hela människan RIA
Breakfast, women's café.

The Baptist Church
Meetings for men.

What is available in the immediate area

In central Åmål there is kontakt Åmål where you can find a regional social insurance office, job centre and the municipally run job centre.

In Åmål's lively town centre you'll find food shops, clothes shops, restaurants and cafés. You can read more about the shops in Åmål on the municipality's website.

In central Åmål you'll also find the municipal library. If you want to buy furniture and many other products second-hand, you are welcome to visit labour market unit to take a look and see whether you can find anything.


Åmål municipality offers teaching care, open preschools and preschools. Read more and find contact information for all schools on the municipality's website.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

In Åmål municipality you'll find 4 municipal comprehensive schools and two free schools which provide education up to year 6. We havea senior school for years 7-9 and an upper secondary school with modern premises and many different courses.

Education opportunities

Adult education in Åmål municipality which is provided in the same building as the upper secondary school in the community offers support in enrolment and guidance with a choice of studies. The same building also offers tuition in Swedish for immigrants. Adult education also offers the "high school at home plan" where you can study at a higher level via distance learning.

Health and medical care

In central Åmål you'll find the welfare centres Närhälsan Åmål and Balderkliniken.

Interpreter assistance

In Åmål municipality we use the region's interpreting service.

Public transport

Åmål is located along European route 45 approx. 170 km north of Gothenburg and 70 km southwest of Karlstad. The distance to Oslo is approximately 180 km.

The travelling time to the nearest airport (Karlstad) is around 50 minutes.

Åmål has good railway and bus links with many direct connections every day to cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg.

County road 164 starts from Åmål and connects Åmål and central Sweden with the west coast (Strömstad).

There is a freshwater harbour in Åmål.

Read more about the communications to and from Åmål on the municipality's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Åmål municipality you can get advice and support if you want to start up your own company. Please contact the Åmål trade and industry development officer via the municipality's website.

Åmål municipality itself is the largest employee. Also within commuting distance are large employers such as Opcon, Euromaint AB and Spicer nordiska kardan AB.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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​​​​​​​​​​Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

12 295

Size by area

​​​​​​​481 km​​​​​​​2

​​​​​​​​​​​Distance to larger towns

170 km to Göteborg

70 km to Karlstad

380 km to Stockholm

190 km to Oslo

​​​Municipality’s website

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