Askersund municipality is located in southern Närke, next to the large Lake Vättern. The small town centre consists of fine wooden houses and cobbled streets. The square is in the centre of the town, with shops, restaurants, cafés and the nearby harbour. The city blossoms in the summertime, with both events and tourists from different parts of the world.


Skärgård Askersund


In Askersund municipality, you can find various forms of housing, from detached houses, tenant-owner flats and rented flats, in both small and large properties. The housing varies from old to new. Nearby population centres of Askersund municipality are Hammar, Olshammar, Rönneshytta, Zinkgruvan, Åmmeberg and Åsbro. Smaller villages include Estabo, Kårberg, Lerbäck, Mariedamm, Skyllberg, Snavlunda, Sänna and Nydalen.

The largest housing company in Askersund is Askersunds Bostäder, and has flats in several of these locations. If you want to join their housing queue, find more information about their property stock and look for flats that are vacant, you can do so on the website. There are also a number of private landlords who rent out flats. A list of landlords is available on Askersund municipality’s website.

Language groups in the locality

There are some varied language groups in the municipality, including Arabic, English, French, Dari, Tigrinya and Persian.

Associations and organisations

Askersund offers various activities within sport and leisure, churches and various family activities. There are a number of Christian churches, religious groups and associations in Askersund municipality, among them the Church of Sweden, the Pentecostal Church, the Mission Church and various free churches. The nearest mosque is in Örebro, 50 km from Askersund. The municipality also offers lost of different sports clubs. You can search for associations in the association register.

Fotbollslag i Askersund

What is available in the immediate area

Askersund has a fine town centre with several shops, food shops, cafés and restaurants. If you need to buy cheap furniture, household goods and clothes, there are several points of sale, such as the Red Cross or small flea market shops to choose from. Read more on Red Cross website. For new furniture, there is for example IKEA in Örebro, 50 km from Askersund

The library is centrally located and has books and newspapers in various languages. When you visit the library, you can also use the library’s computers for free. If you want to take part in a sport, there are lots of sports clubs to choose from, such as football, indoor bandy and riding. There are also two sports halls. The nearest indoor swimming pool and ice rink are in Hallsberg, 25 km from Askersund.

Askersund is next to Sweden’s second largest lake, Vättern. You can fish for free in Lake Vättern with a fishing rod or casting rod. Close to Askersund is also the large forest Tiveden. Anyone who so wishes can pick berries or mushrooms there.

The employment service has an office in Askersund, and the tax office and social insurance have offices in Örebro, 50 km from Askersund. The municipality runs a family centre, which is a meeting place for parents and children of different ages. Here you can access a large range of services of importance to the health and well-being of you and your children.

There are also family activities within the various churches, such as Klockarbacken for children aged 7 or over. Equmeniakyrkan arranges Swedish classes for adults and play for children, and at Elimkyrkan you can drink coffee while your children play.

ABF (Arbetarnas Bildnings Förbund, the Workers’ Educational Association) arranges courses, study circles and other activities. See more information on their homepage. Contact information for the integration unit can be found on the municipality’s website.


Askersund has several municipal nursery schools and a nursery school run by a parent cooperative. Nursery schools are for children who have turned 1 year old up until the spring term when they turn 6 years. If you need childcare, you have to apply 4 months in advance. An application form can be found on the municipality’s website.

The churches in Askersund municipality have several activities for children and their parents. The municipality itself runs the family centre with open nursery school.

Förskoleklass på utflykt i naturen

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive school is obligatory and consists of nine academic years. Each academic year is divided up into two terms, an autumn and a spring term. Before pupils start school, there is a pre-school class, which is voluntary for six-year-olds.

Askersund municipality has 7 comprehensive schools, of which one is a lower secondary school and one comprehensive school is located centrally in the municipality with the rest in outlying areas. Distance to the outlying schools: Åmmeberg 9.3 km, Rönneshytta 14.5 km, Snavlunda 11.4 km, Åsbro 19.1 km, Hammar 12.2 km. The nearest upper secondary school, Alléskolan is in Hallsberg municipality, which is 25 km from Askersund.

Education opportunities

The nearest adult education, such as komvux and Swedish for Immigrants, SfI is in Hallsberg municipality, which is 25 km from Askersund. There are bus communications between the municipalities. The nearest university is in Örebro municipality, 50 km from Askersund. If you are interested in education, please contact the employment service. The municipality’s integration unit offers social orientation for new arrivals.

Askersund vuxenutbildning

Health and medical care

If you need to attend a medical centre, ante-natal clinic, child healthcare clinic or the public dental service, they are located centrally in the town. There is also a private doctor and private dentist. The nearest emergency and accident centre is in Kumla municipality, 30 km from Askersund. If you do not have a car, you can order acute medical transport to the accident and emergency centres in Kumla or Örebro. The nearest hospital is in Örebro, the university hospital, USÖ, which is 50 km from Askersund.

Interpreter assistance

Askersund municipality’s administrator engage Örebro interpreter services as necessary.​

Public transport

Askersund municipality has many small population centres, between which there are bus communications. You can also take the bus to larger towns, for example Motala and Örebro. Länstrafiken i Örebro län have bus routes to and from Askersund.

For train travel, the nearest train station is in Hallsberg municipality. On SJ’s website you can find information about railways and book your train journey. From Hallsberg, you can travel to Askersund.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Vi söker dig som är kurator! Kurator
Zinkgruvan Mining AB söker ortdrivare Ortdrivare/Tillredare
Zinkgruvan Mining AB söker produktionslastare Lastmaskinförare
Trafikingenjör Trafikingenjör
Homepartysäljare – Heminredning ZELECTED BY HOUZE AB Hemförsäljare
Undersköterska till särskilt boende i Åsbro Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
HS Tekniker brandskydd Arbetsmiljöingenjör
Fastighetsskötare Fastighetsskötare/Fastighetsarbetare
Face 2 face säljare till Askersund Utesäljare
Lokalvårdare Städare/Lokalvårdare
Fastighetstekniker Fastighetstekniker/Drifttekniker, fastighet
BVC - sjuksköterska till Askersunds vårdcentral Sjuksköterska, barnavårdscentral
Zinkgruvan Mining söker elektriker till gruvavdelningen Eltekniker, järnväg/Kontaktledningsmontör
Lärare i trä - och metallslöjd Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 4-6
Geolog till Zinkgruvan Mining AB Civilingenjör, tillverkningsindustri
Laborant 50% Laborant, kemi
Industrielektriker till anrikningsavdelningen Industrielektriker
Personlig assistent sökes till kvinna i Askersund Personlig assistent
Enhetschef Funktionsstöd Enhetschef inom socialtjänst

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

11 011

Size by area

1 019 km2

Distance to larger towns

Örebro 5 mil 

Motala 4,5 mil 

Hallsberg 2,5 mil

​Municipality’s website​

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