Bollebygd is one of the ten fastest growing municipalities in the country. Here you are close to magnificent natural surroundings that invite to an active leisure life, right in the centre between the major population centres of Borås and Göteborg, and close to Landvetter airport. In Bollebygd centre, you are close to all the services you need, with the range of the large cities just some ten kilometres away. Here you live in a secure environment, you children can attend nursery schools and schools of high quality, and you can become part of a lively association scene. A new train station on the future railway between Stockholm and Göteborg will contribute to the municipality growing and developing even further.


​​​​​Bollebygd - centrum och natur


​Bollebygd municipality has four population centres: Bollebygd, Töllsjö, Olsfors and Hultafors. Here you can live in flats or detached houses in the town, or close to nature in the countryside. The municipal housing company Bollebo has flats in Bollebygd, Töllsjö and Olsfors. The tenant-owner association HSB and the property company Strand AB have flats in Bollebygd. There is great demand for housing, which means you may have to wait to get your own flat. The municipality’s website has more information about housing companies. The municipality has vacant house building plots in the northern part of Bollebygd population centre, which means that many families choose to move here to realise their dream of a house of their own.​

Language groups in the locality

In Bollebygd municipality, people with various ethnic origins live as neighbours. Apart from Swedish and English, which is spoken by most inhabitants, several persons who have Persian/Farsi and Arabic as their first language live here. Also, a large number of persons whose first language is Tigrinya have moved to the municipality in recent times.

Associations and organisations

The municipality has a large range of associations and cultural offerings, with around 80 associations within sport, dance, music, culture, social development and politics. The municipality’s website has an association register. Within commuting distance, there are many ethnic and religious associations, both in Borås and in Göteborg.

What is available in the immediate area​​

In Bollebygd’s pleasant centre, around Gästgivaretorget square, there is a varied and good range of shops, selling clothes, shoes, furniture and furnishings among other things, as well as several cosy restaurants and cafés. There is also a pharmacy, dentist clinics, employment service, food shops, banks and a library. The library arranges activities for children and young persons in the form of reading circles, book clubs and child rhythmics. The municipal hall, which is at one end of the square, has the social services office and municipality reception.

Close to the centre are Krafthuset, the welfare centre Vägkorset, and the Genki gym. Krafthuset is the municipality’s activity house and a meeting place for all. Here, theatre performances, exhibitions and lectures are arranged. The youth centre is also here, as well as premises for meetings and courses. Vägkorset is a meeting place run by the Church of Sweden, with a café, study circles and themed evenings.


​​​There are six municipal nursery schools in the municipality. There are four nursery schools in Bollebygd, one in Olsfors and one in Töllsjö.

Church of Sweden has an open nursery school with activities in both Bollebygd and Olsfors, offering community, singing, crafts and coffee.

Skolgård och flicka som skriver        

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Bollebygd municipality has three municipal comprehensive schools and one independent comprehensive school. The three municipal comprehensive schools, offering pre-school to year 6, are in Bollebygd, Töllsjö and Olsfors. The independent comprehensive school Gadden, from pre-school to year 6, is in Bollebygd. There is also a municipal lower secondary school, for years 7 to 9, in Bollebygd.

There is no upper secondary school in our municipality, instead the pupils attend upper secondary school in Borås and in Härryda in particular.

Education opportunities

We collaborate closely with our neighbouring municipalities in relation to adult education. Adult education covers courses at upper secondary level and special adult education at upper secondary level. You can choose yourself which municipality you want to study in, but we collaborate most with Borås.

Swedish for Immigrants, sfi, is offered via collaboration with the town of Borås. All language teaching for adults living in Bollebygd municipality takes place in Borås. Adult education in Borås is available close to Södra torget (the bus square) in central Borås. For establishment refugees, application for SfI shall be made via Borås Region Establishment Centre, which has an office in Bollebygd. You can apply by contacting the refugee coordinator.

Health and medical care

Bollebygd centre has Närhälsan medical centre, with ante-natal clinic, child healthcare clinic and youth clinic. The public dental service can be found in the same house as Närhälsan. There are also private dentists in the municipality. The nearest hospital with an accident and emergency department is Södra Älvsborg Hospital, which is in Borås.

Interpreter assistance

If you have a first language other than Swedish, you are entitled to an interpreter in all contacts with municipal or national public authorities, if necessary. Interpreter services are today offered in a large number of langauges. For establishment refugees, interpreter services may also be offered via the Borås region’s establishment centre office in Bollebygd. If you need interpreter assistance, please contact the refugee coordinator.

Public transport

Buss och tåg i Bollebygd
Bollebygd has good communications to and from the large cities of Borås and Göteborg. Both can be reached by trains and buses from the station in Bollebygd. There are also buses from Bollebygd to Rävlanda, Hindås, Mölnlycke, Olsfors, Sandared and Sjömarken. The bus from Bollebygd to Borås and from Bollebygd to Göteborg take around 30 minutes.

Västtrafik is responsible for public transport and inter-municipal traffic in our area. The municipality is responsible for school transport and for travel for disabled persons.​

Work and entrepreneurship

Bollebygd has a real entrepreneurial tradition, and the municipality is characterised by many small companies. The largest companies are Flügger paints, the lighting company Fagerhult Retail, Sign Communication Sweden, which is a retailer within the advertising sector, Hultafors Group, which manufactures folding rules, and Hammar Maskin, which is a world-leader within side-loading trucks. The municipality is located in a large and attractive labour market region, close to Borås and Göteborg, with many large and world-leading companies and employers within commuting distance.

The municipality wants to create good prerequisites for new companies and is part of the enterprise centre NyföretagarCentrum. The foundation is operated by the business sector and its purpose is to stimulate strong new companies

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Skaffa ett roligt jobb! Utesäljare till Sveriges största Elbolag Key account manager
Är du Sveriges bästa arbetsplats nästa stjärna? Torgförsäljare/Marknadsförsäljare
Vi söker fyra förskollärare till Krokdals förskola Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
Betongarbetare Prefab Betongarbetare
Leg. sjuksköterska - Bollbygd Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Homepartysäljare – Heminredning ZELECTED BY HOUZE AB Hemförsäljare
HR Business Partner till Flügger HR-konsult/PA-konsult
Restaurangbiträde till La Familia i Bollebygd Restaurangbiträde
Undersköterska till särskilt boende med demensinriktning Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Bildlärare till Bollebygdsskolan 7 - 9 Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Teknisk Säljare till växande industri - och handelsföretag Utesäljare
Tre dagbarnvårdare i Bollebygds kommun Dagbarnvårdare
Distriktschef Väst / Nejmobbning Eventsäljare/Eventförsäljare
Area Sales Manager Africa till Hammar Maskin i Olsfors Internationell säljare
Area Sales Manager Africa till Hammar Maskin i Olsfors Internationell säljare
Robotprogrammerare till Hammar Maskin i Olsfors Robotsvetsare
Konsultuppdrag för SSK med intresse för hemsjukvård Sjuksköterska, geriatrisk vård
Bemanningsenheten söker Sjuksköterskor som timvikarier i Bollebygd kommun Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Bemanningsenheten söker timvikarier till äldreomsorgen i Bollebygd kommun Vårdbiträde
Bemanningsenheten söker timvikarier till funktionsnedsättningsverksamheten Stödassistent

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

8 600

Size by area

264 km2

Distance to larger towns

Borås 30 km

Göteborg 35 km

Municipality’s website

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