Borgholm municipality is located on the beautiful island of Öland! A pretty bridge links Öland with the mainland. Öland has magnificent natural surroundings, and is one of the places in Sweden that receives the most sunshine during summer. Many people come here for their holidays, to enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are many opportunities here for culture, recreation, relaxation and active leisure time. Fine beaches and many long-distance footpaths are two things that Borgholm municipality is known for. The main population centres are Borgholm and Löttorp. Animals and agriculture are important here.


Bild på badande människor på strand i Borgholm


Borgholm municipality does not have its own housing company. Housing is allocated by the private housing companies in the municipality, and you can find some of them via the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

There are lots of different language groups in Borgholm municipality. Some examples are Arabic, Persian/Dari, Fur, Kurdish/Kurmanji and Serbian.

Associations and organisations

Borgholm municipality has around 200 different associations and organisations. You can search for associations and organisations in the municipality's association register.

What is available in the immediate area

The town of Borgholm, which is the main population centre, has a pharmacy, library, banks, food shops, hairdresses, second-hand shops and also retail trade such as clothes, radio/TV, flowers, interiors, and electrical and household appliances. Borgholm also has an indoor pool, sports hall, football pitch and several gyms. The employment service has a local office in Borgholm. You can read more about Öland on Öland Tourist Office's website.

Torghandel längs gata i Borgholm


Borgholm municipality has nursery schools in both Borgholm town and several of the smaller villages. In the newly built medical centre, there is also a family centre with open nursery school. More information about childcare can be found on Borgholm municipality's website.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive schools

Borgholm municipality strives to create an educational organisation that takes an overall view of the development and learning of children and young people throughout the educational system. Influence, participation, diversity and choice are guiding concepts and each unit has the opportunity to develop its own profile for its operation.

Both small village schools and larger schools in the main population centre are important. Children who are newly arrived in Sweden can start in an international class, if they need. There they get support in Swedish language before they start in an ordinary class, or alternatively in parallel with ordinary studies. More information about our comprehensive schools is available on our website.

Upper secondary schools

Borgholm municipality is part of the Kalmarsund upper secondary education union, which means that there are a number of upper secondary schools to choose from in the near area. The nearest one is Ölands gymnasium, which is located in the main population centre of Borgholm. More information is available on the websites of Ölands gymnasium and Kalmarsunds gymnasieförbund.

Education opportunities

SfI-Occupational Development

In Borgholm, there is SfI-Occupational Development, a course in Swedish language for immigrants intended for those who have received an establishment plan from the employment service. The teachers work closely together with the municipality's refugee coordinator and the employment service to provide refugees with a good start in Swedish society.

Municipal adult education

There is also municipal adult education intended in the first instance for persons over the age of 20 who wish to supplement their education. Here you can study at both comprehensive and upper secondary level. You can train to become an auxilliary nurse, or complete courses so that you have the right qualifications for further education.

If Swedish is not your first language and you want to study, we also offer Swedish for Immigrants, SfI, or SaS, Swedish as a Second Language. Together with the director of studies, you can plan your studies so that you find the right level. The education takes place at Ölands gymnasium.

Health and medical care

In the main population centre Borgholm, there is a medical centre with child healthcare clinic and ante-natal clinic, and this is also where you should attend for emergency treatment during daytime. Emergency medical care at night and at weekends is available in Kalmar at Länssjukhuset.

There are several dental clinics in the municipality, run by both the county council and privately. More information about medical centres is available on Kalmar county council's website .

Interpreter assistance

You can order an interpreter ahead of a healthcare appointment and other situations where translation is necessary.

Public transport

It is easy to travel by bus between Borgholm and Kalmar. Timetables and more information is available on the website of Kalmar länstrafik.

Work and entrepreneurship

Borgholm municipality is the largest employer, and personal and medical care makes up the largest portion. There is a large proportion of small companies in the municipality, primarily within agriculture and tourism, as business life focuses mainly on tourism. Many of these employ a large number of persons over the summer season, and examples of companies are hotels, restaurants and campsites.

En park i Borgholm med utsikt över hamnen

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

10 600

Size by area

682 km2

Distance to larger towns

Borgholm 0 mil

Kalmar 35 min

Malmö 32 mil / 4,5 tim

Växjö 14 mil / 2,5 tim

Municipality’s website

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