Bräcke municipality lies in the centre of Sweden, in Jämtland county. The municipality is home to around 6,500 persons. Bräcke municipality is a full of contrasts, tall mountains, pretty valleys and lakes with good fish stocks. Bräcke municipality has a living countryside, with a broad range of businesses and associations, and a strong entrepreneurship spirit. It is the natural surroundings that attracts most of the visitors to Bräcke municipality, and outdoor life takes out a large part of the life of both tourists and the inhabitants. Skiing, skating, walking, hunting experiences, mushroom and berry-picking are some of the activities on offer in the municipality’s natural surroundings.


Housing ​

There are various types of flat to rent within Bräcke municipality. Anything from flats with one room and a kitchen, to larger flats with four rooms and a kitchen. These are found in the population centres Bräcke, Gällö, Pilgrimsstad and Kälarne. Rents are from around SEK 2,900 per month for a small flat to around SEK 6,000 per month for a flat with four rooms and a kitchen. If you want to buy a flat or home, prices are considerably lower than in the large cities.

Language groups in the locality

The primary languages, apart from Swedish, are English, Arabic, Tigrinya and Somali.

Associations and organisations

KULTIZ  (Bräcke kommun)
Islamiska föreningen i Östersund
Alliance Francais
Bräcke Baptistförsamling
Revsunds församling
Bräcke-Nyhems församling

What is available in the immediate area

Bräcke also has a medical centre, child healthcare centre and dentist. The county hospital is in Östersund. Bräcke has a simple range of shops. There are food shops, banks, flower shops, sports and leisure shops and an ironmonger and paint shop. The municipality has a broad range of associations, among them several sports clubs, the Red Cross with a second-hand shop, Save the Children, ABF educational association and various religious associations. There is a Church of Sweden in most villages. Bräcke has a Baptist congregation and Elim chapel. In Östersund, around one hour’s car journey from Bräcke, there is also a mosque. Östersund also has major retail chain shops.​


Childcare in Bräcke municipality is well provisioned for children aged 1 to 5 years, in the form of nursery schools for children and parents’ cooperatives. In the municipality, there are five nursery schools operated by the municipality and three parents’ cooperatives run privately. De kommunala förskolorna är: Fjällsta nursery school, Galaxens nursery school (Gällö), Pilgrimens nursery school (Pilgrimstad), Trollskogens nursery school (Bräcke) and Ånäsets nursery school (Kälarne). Föräldrakooperativen är: Busbua in Rissna, Lek och Bus in Kälarne, and Hyllan in Sörbygden.​

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

The comprehensive schools are compulsory for pupils aged 7-16 years. Our schools are operations under constant development that seek to create good prerequisites for the pupils’ knowledge and social development. Bräcke municipality has five comprehensive schools - Bräcke, Gällö, Kälarne, Fjällsta and Pilgrimstad. Jämtlands Gymnasium in Bräcke is part of Jämtlands Gymnasieförbund association of upper secondary schools, and offers education within the electrical and energy programme and the handicraft programme.

Education opportunities

If you are aged between 20 and 64 years, you can supplement your education and read the compulsory school or upper secondary courses via the municipal adult education in Bräcke. You can also complete vocational training. The Learning Centre in Bräcke municipality has a broad range of courses and education programmes. You can study full-time or part-time, and can also combine your studies with work. Please contact the study counsellor at the Learning Centre for advice and questions about study grants. Östersund, which is around 70 km from Bräcke, is the location of Mid Sweden University, which is the nearest university.

Health and medical care

The municipality is responsible for health and medical care where care is given the home to persons who are unable to get to a medical centre and when the care continues for at least three months. Medical centres, child healthcare centre and dentist can be found within the municipality. There are two medical centres, in Bräcke and in Kälarne. The personnel collaborated in various healthcare teams at the medical centres. The teams include doctors, nurses, midwives, child healthcare staff, physiotherapists and psycho-social resources. Read more about Bräcke medical centre.

Interpreter assistance

You can telephone and talk to employment service staff in Arabic, tel: 0771-86 01 01, in Somali, tel: 0771-86 01 03, and in Tigrinya, tel: 0771-86 01 04.​

Public transport

Bräcke municipality lies just next to the E14 road, but yet not in the middle of the traffic. It is an hour’s car journey from Östersund, one and a half hours from Sundsvall and five hours from Stockholm. Train and bus communications are available on a daily basis to the larger cities Östersund, Sundsvall, Umeå and Stockholm. It is possible to commute on a daily basis to Östersund. The journey time is 40 minutes by train. Länstrafiken Z manages buses, transport for disabled persons and call-out transport, while SJ and Norrtåg manage trains.

Work and entrepreneurship

Bräcke has a large number of small businesses, and the basis is wood and metal work. Many persons in the municipality earn their living from forestry, through clearing, sawmilling and further processing of wood products. The municipality is also known for having good food workers. Over the next few years, there will be great demand for servers, cooks, doctors, nursery school teachers, metalworkers and electricians in Bräcke and nearby municipalities. There will also be opportunities for finding employment within health and medical care, forestry, welding and engineering as well as transport. The employment service can offer a number of training programmes and work-preparation measures within commuting distance. This can increase your opportunities of finding a job. These are, for example, training within health and medical care, welding and metalworking, professional drivers, warehouse work, engineering technology, restaurant work, sales and customer service. More information is available from Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish employment service. ​

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

6 559

Size by area

3 849 km2

Distance to larger towns

Östersund 67 km

Sundsvall 120 km

Stockholm 480 km

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