Eda municipality is located in a beautiful part of western Värmland. The municipality is located on the border between Norway and Sweden, which has had a positive effect on the locality, with well-developed cross-border trade. Our Swedish neighbouring municipalities are Arvika and Årjäng, and to the west we border Norway. Eda municipality consists of the parishes of Eda, Järnskog, Köla and Skillingmark, and has a population of about 8,500 inhabitants. Charlottenberg is the largest population centre in the municipality. The other population centres are Koppom and Åmotsfors.



Here you can choose between living in a flat or a detached house, in one of the population centres or out in the countryside. The municipal company Eda Bostads AB is the largest manager of housing, with 836 flats located around the municipality. There are also several private landlords in Eda.


Language groups in the locality

There are lots of different language groups represented in Eda. Languages spoken here are, for example, Norwegian, Danish, German, Arabic, Somali, Persian, Turkish and Tigrinya.

Associations and organisations

Eda municipality has just over 150 active associations. These are child and youth associations, associations that provide premises, cultural associations, study associations, pensioner clubs and other associations, such as local residents’ associations, and more. There are also various sports clubs, where you can play football, ice hockey, table tennis, go skiing or shoot. The various church parishes also have associations in several places in the municipality.


What is available in the immediate area

The citizens’ office and social services office are located in Charlottenberg, and Eda Bostads AB also has its office there. The refugee reception office and Swedish for Immigrants is located in Åmotfors. You can buy second-hand goods at Kupan, run by the Red Cross in Åmotsfors. Libraries, banks, sports grounds and food shops are available in all three population centres in the municipality – Charlottenberg, Koppom and Åmotsfors.

There is a shopping centre and a trading park at the entrance to Charlottenberg, and there is there is also an ice rink with an athletics and shooting hall. At Valfjället, you can do Nordic skiing and slalom in winter. At Noresund, there is an 18 hole golf course, surrounded by the beautiful lake Hugn. You can read more about what the municipality offers on our website.


Eda municipality has several nursery schools and family day nurseries for children aged 1–5 years (or until the child start pre-school class or school). The family centre in Charlottenberg is a meeting place for parents with children aged 0–6 years, where parents or expectant parents can meet other families with children. The family centre Famnen is a collaboration between ante-natal care, child healthcare, the open nursery school and social services.


Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are comprehensive schools in Charlottenberg, Åmotsfors, Koppom, Adolfsfors and Skillingmark. Gunnarsbyskoland in Charlottenberg and Hierneskolan in Koppom also have lower secondary classes. In conjunction with the comprehensive schools, there are after-school clubs for the children who need care after school. The municipality also has a couple of upper secondary schools.

Education opportunities

Adult education in Eda consists of Swedish for Immigrants, SfI, two occupational courses and basic and upper secondary adult education. As a new arrival, you are also entitled to lessons in social orientation, which are usually delivered in conjunction with SfI.

Health and medical care

You can contact Eda medical centre when you need advice or medical care. You can find contact information on Vårdguiden’s website.

The family centre in Charlottenberg has an ante-natal care clinic and a childcare clinic. If you need emergency medical treatment in the evenings or at weekends, you can contact the emergency department at Arvika hospital, around 20 km from Åmotsfors. The public dental clinic is located in Åmotsfors. There are also private dentists in the municipality.

​Interpreter assistance

As there is a mutual need for understanding, we engage interpreters when necessary. This may be for contacts with work, schools, visits to public authorities and in healthcare. Most interpreter services are provided via telephone. Interpreters have a duty of confidentiality and translate what all persons engaged in the discussion say.

Public transport

National road 61 passes through Eda municipality, and becomes the Norwegian national road 2 at the border. The road runs parallel to the railway that runs through Värmland via Karlstad, Arvika, Åmotsfors, with Charlottenberg as the last station before the Norwegian border. The location between Stockholm and Oslo means there is good public transport to both capitals.

Värmlandstrafik, which is owned by the municipalities and county council of Värmland, is responsible for local public transport. From Eda, it is about 100 km to the international airport Oslo Lufthavn (Gardermoen) in Norway. It is about the same distance to Karlstad Airport, which has both domestic flights and some charter flights.

Work and entrepreneurship

There are around 1,500 jobs in the municipality. The proximity to the Norwegian border means there is lively trade, with shops and shopping centres. There are several large factories, such as Fundo Components AB, Norma Precision AB and Nordic Paper Åmotsfors AB. There are also job opportunities within healthcare, schools and childcare. See the vacant jobs where the municipality is the employer available just now.

The municipality organises start-your-own-business courses every year, including law, marketing and administration. ALMI Företagspartner Värmland gives advice to entrepreneurs with a foreign background who want to start a company or buy a company in Sweden. Personal advice and practical support in lots of different langauges is available via IFS Rådgivning.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Administratör / försäljningssekreterare Administrativ assistent
Sjuksköterska Sjuksköterska, äldreomsorg och -vård/geriatrik
Vik sjuksköterska natt Sjuksköterska, äldreomsorg och -vård/geriatrik
Pressbyrån i Charlottenberg letar franchisetagare Butiksansvarig
Försäljare till Charlottenberg Butikssäljare, fackhandel
Resurslärare 100% Hierneskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
LASTBILS CHAUFÖRER MED YKB OCH CE KOMPETENS Liftdumper- och lastväxlarförare
Kvinnliga assistenter Personlig assistent
Säljledare Kött Butikssäljare/Medarbetare, dagligvaror
Kassapersonal Butikssäljare/Medarbetare, dagligvaror
Verksamhetschef vård och stöd Verksamhetschef, hälso- och sjukvård
Verksamhetschef vård och stöd Verksamhetschef, hälso- och sjukvård
Pizzabagare till Koppoms Pizzeria Pizzabagare
Specialistläkare , mobil hemsjukvårdsläkare , öppenvård västra Specialistläkare
Personlig assistent Personlig assistent
Är du vår nästa säljare? Utesäljare
Brandman Brandman
CAFÉBITRÄDE i Charlottenberg Servitör/Servitris, kafé och konditori
Distriktssköterska / BVC - sjuksköterska , familjecentralen Arvika / Eda / Årjäng Distriktssköterska
Asiatisk kock sökes , Asian town Specialkock

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

ca 8500

Size by area

900 km2

Distance to larger towns

Karlstad 110 km

Göteborg 300 km

Oslo 120 km

Municipality’s website

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