Life in Fagersta is easy. The municipality is characterised by security, collaboration and a belief in the future. You are near to nature and to culture. In Fagersta, there is plenty of time for all. Integration is a natural part of Fagersta’s community construction.



In Fagersta, there are both municipal and private housing for rent. There are also several tenant-owners’ associations. You can find more information about housing on the municipality’s website.
Solnedgång över hus med snö på taken

Language groups in the locality

The three largest language groups in Fagersta municipality are Finnish, Arabic and Somali.  

Associations and organisations

Fagersta has many different associations, within sports, outdoor life and culture. There are also associations such as the Islamic Association, the Polish association The Eagle’s Nest and the Somali association in Fagersta. You can find a register with all associations on the municipality’s website.

Person kitesurfar i vattendrag 

What is available in the immediate area

There are several shops in Fagersta where you can buy food and lots of other goods, such as household goods. There are a couple of clothes shops, a car dealer, a lamp shop and quite a lot else of most things you may need. There are several second-hand shops were you can make finds. A library, employment service, social services office, social insurance office and tax office are all easy to access. You can search for different companies on the municipality’s website.


There are many nursery schools throughout Fagersta municipality. There is one nursery school that is open 24 hours a day. You can find more information about all our nursery schools on the municipality’s website. There is also a family centre with parent groups and a meeting place for parents with children between 0 and 1 year. You can find more information about these activities on the municipality’s website.

There is also an open nursery school within the church activities. You can find more information about this on Västanfors Västervåla parish’s website.

Barn leker på lekplats framför förskola / Vy över hus och höstfärgade träd i Fagersta 

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are four comprehensive schools in the municipality. You can find more information about these on the municipality’s website. There is also a special comprehensive school for children with special needs, and you can find more information about this on the municipality’s website.

There is one upper secondary school in Fagersta municipality. It also offers teaching in Swedish for Immigrants, SfI. You can find more information about the upper secondary school and the SfI teaching on the municipality’s website.

Education opportunities

The upper secondary school offers teaching in Swedish for Immigrants, SfI. There is also adult education which collaborates with various universities. There is no university in Fagersta. There is good collaboration between the companies in the area and the schools.

 Bostadsområde i Fagersta

Health and medical care

There is a hospital in the municipality that is partially run by private operators. The medical care is also run in collaboration with Västerås and Köping hospitals. You can find more information about Västmanland county council and the hospital Bergslagssjukhuset Mitt Hjärta on their websites.

Interpreter assistance

If you need any interpreter help in contacts with the municipality, the municipality will organise this.

Public transport

Fagersta is close to Västerås, Stockholm and other important hubs. There are both trains and buses that can take you quickly to where you want. You can find more information about trains and buses in Västmanland on Västmanlands Lokaltrafik website and more about trains at Tågkompaniet and SJ.

Work and entrepreneurship

In Fagersta, we want as many people as possible to run their own company, and we are working actively to achieve this. You can find more information about starting a company on the Tillväxtgruppen website.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

Write in any word to filter the list
Job headingProfession
Sjuksköterska sökes till vårdcentral. Sjuksköterska, äldreomsorg och -vård/geriatrik
Produktambassadör till Fagersta sökes med start omgående! Butiksdemonstratör
Bilvårdare sökes till Biltjänst i Fagersta Bilvårdare/Garagearbetare
2 st förskollärare / lärare med behörighet att undervisa i förskoleklass Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
2 st lärare med behörighet att undervisa i fritidshem Lärare i fritidshem/Fritidspedagog
Orientalisk Kock med Erfarenhet Specialkock
Säljare sökes Fagersta! Utesäljare
Produktionsteknisk Ingenjör Produktionstekniker, maskin/verkstad
Utredningsingenjör till NVK Handläggare/Utredare, offentlig förvaltning
Medlemsrådgivare Innesäljare
Specialist i Allmänmedicin eller Leg. Läkare med erfarenhet av primärvård Läkare
Distriktssköterska / Sjuksköterska med erfarenhet inom primärvård Distriktssköterska
Planerare Produktionsplanerare, tillverkningsindustri
Kallskänka / kock Fagersta Kallskänka
Operatör Processoperatör, stålindustri
Lärarassistent , åk 1 - 6 Barnskötare
Receptionist till Fagersta sjukhus Undersköterska, vård- o specialavd. o mottagning
Brevbärare sökes till Fagersta Brevbärare
El / Automationsingenjör rekryteras till Uponor i Virsbo Automationstekniker, el
Manufacturing Excellence specialist till Fagersta Stainless Utvecklingsingenjör, tillverkningsindustri

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Service map

Here you can see which services are available in the municipality. You can also use the search field in the map to find and mark a location, for example a residential address.

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There may be more jobs avaible

Some job ads lacks an address to the workplace and will not be displayed on the map, but can be found under the tab "Vacant jobs".


Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

ca 13 000

Size by area

310,4 km2

Distance to larger towns

Västerås 67 km

Borlänge 81 km

Uppsala 118 km

Örebro 120 km

Gävle 130 km

Stockholm 170 km

Municipality’s website

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