Welcome to a child municipality in Värmland! In Forshaga municipality, 11,300 persons live, who all enjoy the soft values of life. We like it here in Deje, Forshaga and Olsäter and we also benefit from Värmland’s natural environment in the countryside. The proximity gives us choices. The pulse of the city or the calm of nature? Here we have both environments within reach.


Familj har picknick på filt i park 


Are you looking for housing in Forshaga? Our municipal housing company FABO rents out flats in good condition and with a good standard. We have summarised information about our housing areas on our website, and there is also a list of private landlords

Language groups in the locality

At least ten different languages are spoken in the municipality, among them Arabic, Persian, Burmese, Tigrinya and Somali.

Associations and organisations

Forshaga municipality has a broad range of associations with more than 100 associations within sport, culture and other areas, most of them with activities for children and young persons. In the association register you can search for specific associations, and you can also find out which associations are active within different areas.

Torg och uteservering i solljus 

What is available in the immediate area

There are two libraries (Forshaga and Deje), a culture house, a people’s house, social services office, Fritidsbanken, indoor swimming pool, sports halls, sports pitches, ice rink, skateboard park, slalom slope, lighted running tracks, beaches and a recycling centre.

There is also a refugee reception, family centre, employment service, the Red Cross’s Kupan (meeting place, refugee guides and second-hand shop), churches, food shops, banks, cafés, hairdressers, petrol stations and much more. IKEA, shopping centre and second-hand shops (Gengåvan, Myrorna, Solareturen) are available in our neighbouring municipality Karlstad.

Vuxen läser bok för två barn i biblioteket 


Nursery schools, family day nurseries and after-school clubs are available in various parts of the municipality, and are offered once your child has turned one year if you are working/looking for work or studying. The family centre also has an open nursery school and a baby café.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Forshaga has five municipal comprehensive schools, of which two are also lower secondary schools. Parents and children are entitled to choose together the comprehensive school they think are best for the children.

Forshaga does not have an upper secondary school operated by the municipality. There is an independent upper secondary school, ForshagaAkademin, offering four educational programmes. Most upper secondary pupils in the municipality attend various upper secondary schools in Värmland.

Utsidan av skolbyggnad 

Education opportunities

Within the municipal adult education (Komvux) in Forshaga your can read courses at basic and upper secondary level, occupational courses and teaching of Swedish for Immigrants (SfI).

Occupational further education is a form of education as post-upper secondary level. Theory and practice are sandwiched and the training is focused on psycho-social work. Close by there is also a universtity, Karlstad university.

Health and medical care

The municipality has a medical centre, child and ante-natal healthcare clinics, public dental care and a pharmacy. Contact with healthcare is available via 1177 - Vårdguiden.

Interpreter assistance

You can get interpreter assistance via Tolkcentralen in Karlstad. They have 205 interpreters registered, who speak a total of 135 languages.

Public transport

Värmlandstrafik operates several bus routes in the municipality. If you are travelling further, there are good options by bus and train, or by plane from Karlstad airport.

Work and entrepreneurship

The municipality has many small and medium-sized companies, within a broad spectrum of industries. Several are active within dental technology and within healthcare and rehabilitation of young persons. Forshaga municipality is the largest employer, and the largest private company is Stora Enso. Many who live in Forshaga work in the surrounding municipalities, primarily in Karlstad. More information about business and work throughout Värmland county is available on​

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

ca 11 300

Size by area

350 km2

Distance to larger towns

Karlstad 20 km

Göteborg 250 km

Oslo 250 km

Stockholm 300 km

Municipality’s website

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