Grästorp is a small municipality in the centre of western Götaland, south of Lake Vänern. It is close to larger population centres, such as Trollhättan, Vänersborg and Lidköping. There is plenty of public transport here. The natural surroundings are pretty, and there are plenty of leisure facilities, with opportunities for sports of various kinds. Many events and activities are arranged in Grästorp via the active association scene. The business climate is very good, and Grästorp is ranked No 43 in Sweden.



In Grästorp, there are only private housing companies. The municipality’s website has a list of landlords letting flats. Apart from flats for rent, there are detached houses to buy – often at low prices, and there are also cheap plots to buy. You can find more information on the municipality’s website.

Language groups in the locality

There are lots of different language groups in Grästorp municipality due to successful refugee reception since 2006. Some of the largest language groups are English, Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali and Persian. Grästorp is also enriched by inhabitants speaking Thai, Chinese, Russian, Serbian and Albanian.

Grästorp Nationaldagen publik på torget integration 

Associations and organisations

The Church of Sweden and the Pentecostal Church are represented in Grästorp. In Grästorp there are ten old churches with a historical background. The nearest mosque is in the neighbouring municipality of Trollhättan. There are various ethnic associations in the neighbouring municipalities of Trollhättan and Vänersborg.

What is available in the immediate area

Kulturhuset i Grästorp 

Grästorp’s population centre has a citizens’ office, social services office, pharmacy, medical centre with child healthcare clinic and ante-natal clinic, all under one roof in the Municipality House. The employment service and social insurance visit the Municipality House for appointments. There are also around 30 shops as well as cafés and restaurants.

In Grästorp, there is a larger variety of activities to do, such as very pretty walking paths, library, culture house, concert house, cinema, indoor swimming pool, churches, football pitch with artificial grass, ice rink, indoor riding school, gym, ballsport hall, tennis hall, golf course and lots more. There are second-hand shops with furniture, clothes and household goods.

The municipality has a labour market unit providing extra support to unemployed persons, as well as a refugee unit, and it also runs Swedish for immigrants by itself. Read more about municipal activities on the municipality’s website.


In Grästorp there are several nursery schools to choose from, and a place can be arranged within two weeks (guarantee).

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

The schools are located close to the sports facilities in Grästorp population centre, which means that sports lessons have a great variety of activities. For younger pupils in pre-school to year 3, there is Backenskolan and Lunneviskolan. Pupils in years 4–9 attend Centralskolan.

There is no upper secondary school in Grästorp; instead, most of the pupils of this age go by bus to the neighbouring municipalities of Trollhättan, Lidköping and Vara.

Barn som spelar fotboll 

Education opportunities

Grästorp municipality offers Swedish for Immigrants run by the municipality and delivered in Grästorp. Other adult education can be accessed by contacting Grästorp municipality. Social orientation for new arrivals is arranged in collaboration with other municipalities in Skaraborg county and usually takes place in the neighbouring municipalities. Read more about social orientation on the municipality’s website.

Health and medical care

In the Municipality House, there is a medical centre, ante-natal clinic and a child healthcare clinic. The public dental clinic is located in the centre.

Kommunens Hus

Interpreter assistance

Our new Grästorpers have the opportunity to be supporter by an interpreter to their first language on their visits to the citizens’ office, and to have access to interpreters at pre-booked appointments with the refugee reception/integration unit and the social services office.

Public transport

Public transport is available by bus and train. Timetables and more information is available on the websites of Västtrafik and SJ.

Work and entrepreneurship

Grästorp municipality is the largest employer in the municipality. There are several small companies in Grästorp. There are also many employers in the neighbouring municipalities of Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Lidköping and Vara within a 20–36 km distance. There is public transport by train and bus.

Vacant jobs

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

5 620

Size by area

281 km2

Distance to larger towns

Trollhättan 24 km

Vänersborg 25 km

Lidköping 36 km

Göteborg 100 km

Municipality’s website

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