​Håbo is centrally located in the Lake Mälaren valley, and borders the lake for 120 km. There are many traces of history here, with five mediaeval churches, around thirty runestones and Sweden’s world-famous baroque castle, Skokloster. For several hundreds of years, Håbo has been a place for recreation and experiences. The pretty and varies natural surroundings provide both peace and experiences of the rich animal and bird life. Håbo is growing and currently has 20,000 inhabitants, a flourishing business sector and a lively range of associations. From the central population centre Bålsta, you can reach Stockholm in 30 minutes, and Arlanda in 40 minutes, with good opportunities for commuting.



There is a varied range of housing in Håbo municipality. Detached one-family houses are the most common form of housing. Bålsta and Skokloster also have tenant-owner flats and rented flats.

Håbohus AB is the municipal housing company in Håbo municipality. The company owns around 1,250 flats and premises for offices and shops. There are also several private landlords in the municipality.

Language groups in the locality

Some of the language groups found in the municipality, apart from those of the Nordic countries, are Arabic, English, Thai, Russian, Chinese, Kinyarwanda, Spanish, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Persian, Kurdish and Dari.

Children in nursery schools and schools who have a first language other than Swedish can receive tuition in their own first language. The municipality organises first language tuition for pupils in year 1-9, if there are at least five pupils and a suitable teacher. The language must be actively used in the home, and the pupil must have basic knowledge of the language.

Associations and organisations

Håbo has many associations, such as sports clubs, cultural associations and pensioner associations. In the municipality’s association register, you can find the things your are interested in. Around 150 associations are active within Håbo municipality, of which around 40 carry out activities for children and young persons. There are also several Swedish and other Nordic religious congregations and churches.

What is available in the immediate area

The central population centre Bålsta in Håbo has a modern core with a surrounding historical environment. The centre has both shops and restaurants. There is an employment service, social services office, medical centre and public dental clinic in the centre. For the nearest social insurance office and tax office, go to Enköping, Uppsala or Sundbyberg. The municipal offices are located in central Bålsta. The municipal offices have a refugee coordinator who works with refugee reception in Håbo.


Håbo municipality has 14 municipal nursery schools and six nursery schools not run by the municipality. The municipality has nursery schools intended to suit all in some way, for example nursery schools adapted for children with allergies and departments for children who need extra support or have other special needs.

The open nursery school is a meeting place for carers who want to meet other adults and children together with the child. The municipality has two open nursery schools:

  • Novilla, which is located in Bålsta centre at Centrumterassen
  • At the youth centre premises at the fire station in Skokloster.

The Church of Sweden has open nursery schools in various locations in Håbo on different days. Newly arrived children of pre-school age are received by the school office, which makes sure the child is given the correct placement and help in nursery school.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Håbo has 7 municipal and 3 independent comprehensive schools. Children start in the pre-school class and then do nine years of comprehensive schooling. Håbo also has one upper secondary school, Fridegårdsgymansiet, which is operated by the municipality and has around 500 pupils. Pupils who so wish can also go to an upper secondary school outside the municipality. The education is paid for by the municipality where the pupil is registered. All young persons in Sweden who have completed comprehensive school are entitled to three years of upper secondary education.

Newly arrived children of school age, up to 19 years, are received by the school office, which makes sure the child is given the correct placement and help in school.

Education opportunities

There are great opportunities for those who wish to study in Håbo. Adult education of many kinds is available and arranged by various organisations. Håbo municipality offers education for those who wish to supplement their previous studies, or who wish to learn a new profession. There is folk high school, adult education with foundation adult education, upper secondary level adult education, special adult education for adults (särvux) and Swedish for Immigrants (SfI).

Health and medical care

Håbo is part of Uppsala county council, and those who need medical care or advice on health issues should contact their medical centre. There are both private and county council-run medical centres and you can choose which one to register with yourself.

Håbo has three medical centres and one youth clinic; Bålstadoktorn, Familjeläkarna Bålsta, Håbohälsan and Bålsta Ungdomsmottagning. The medical centres have doctors, district nurses, midwifes, child nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and a counsellor or psychologist. There is a hospital in Enköping with access to all the resources of a hospital with accident and emergency facilities, as well as a university hospital in Uppsala, Akademiska Sjukhuset.

Migrationshälsan Cosmos in Uppsala municipality receives all those who are seeking asylum in Uppsala county. Here there are opportunities for health interviews, doctor’s appointments, nurse appointments, supportive interviews with counsellors, referrals to specialists and medical prescriptions. For those who have received permanent residence permits, please contact medical centres in Håbo municipality.

Interpreter assistance

Those who have a first language other than Swedish and who need​ an interpreter in meetings with municipality representatives should state this when booking the meeting. The municipality’s personnel book the interpreter. The same applies for appointments with doctors and dentists, but then the county council’s personnel book the interpreter.

Public transport

There is good public transport both to and within Håbo municipality.

Commuter trains

SL’s commuter train depart every 30 minutes throughout the day and night. Using SL’s commuter train, you can reach Stockholm Central in 38 minutes.

SJ regional trains

SJ’s regional trains go to Sundbyberg and Stockholm Central. With the regional train, you can reach Stockholm Central in 30 minutes.


Buses depart continuously for Enköping, Västerås and Uppsala. Bålsta also has direct buses to Arlanda airport.

Work and entrepreneurship

Within Håbo municipality, there are a lot of important professions that concentrate on the same thing – looking after our municipality and those who live in it. Creating quality of life, quite simply. Håbo municipality will need to recruit many new employees over the next few years. One of the reasons is that many employees are retiring.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Service map

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

20 000

Size by area

186 km2

Distance to larger towns

Enköping 33,5 km

Uppsala 46,5 km

Stockholm 47 km

Västerås 62,5 km

Municipality’s website

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