In Habo municipality, we look out for each other. Here you can experience security and community, and still be part of everything that Jönköping offers, some 10 km southwards. A number of characteristics speak strongly to our advantage: Small, expansive municipality, close to Jönköping, many-faceted businesses, pretty location at the southern end of Lake Vättern, child-friendly environment. Many families with children have chosen to settle in our municipality because we have invested heavily in child care, schools and safe pedestrian and bicycle paths. Choice of housing is also an important goal in our planning.



Habo municipality offers a good housing environment, with both pretty countryside and closeness to schools, among other things. A large proportion of Habo's housing are individual family houses. The municipality's housing company, Habo Bostäder AB, own and manage most of the flats for rent that exist in Habo municipality. Most of the flats for rent are located in Habo, Furusjö, Fagerhult, Brandstorp and Baskarp.

Language groups in the locality

Habo municipality is home to inhabitants who speak a number of different languages apart from Swedish, and examples of languages spoken in the municipality are Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinya, Thai, Dutch, English and Russian.

Associations and organisations

Habo municipality has a number of associations, and the association register lists 92 of them. They are educational associations, sports clubs and the organisations of various churches.

What is available in the immediate area

Habo municipality has a a lively centre. Also, it only takes a few minutes to get to Jönköping if you want the feel the big city pulse. Habo centre houses two food shops, a number of smaller shops, a library, employment service and the social services office with refugee reception. There are two second-hand shops in Habo, Det finns Bruk for all, open daytime Monday to Friday, and Erikshjälpen, which is open two days a week.

Habo municipality is located in Västergötland county, but is part of Jönköping county. The municipality is in the middle of a very expansive phase. Attractive building plots with views towards Lake Vättern means that families are queuing up to buy a plot to build their dream house on.

In tourism circles, Habo municipality is best known for its unique wooden church. The inhabitants of Habo are today very grateful and happy to have retained their unique wooden church.

Most things in Habo are about small scale. It is easy to get close to nature, whether you prefer to experience it by yourself, for peace and quiet, or together with others.


Habo municipality has eleven municipal nursery schools, divided up into three nursery school areas.

The nursery schools operated by a principal other than the municipality are known as independent nursery schools. Habo has four nursery schools operated by a principal other than Habo municipality. Two of these have a Christian operating profile, and the principals are Salemkyrkan and Smyrnakyrkan respectively. The other two are privately-owned businesses, the Montessori nursery school Upptäckaren and Förskolan Äventyret.

Habo municipality does not have its own open nursery school, but the Church of Sweden and the Pentecostal Church have open nursery schools in the municipality.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are schools in Habo for children aged 6 up to and including 15 years old. There is also a youth leisure centre, open in the evenings for children aged from 11 to 18 years old. Around 1,500 children attend one of our seven compulsory comprehensive schools in Habo. The comprehensive schools are divided up into four school areas.

Pupils who speak a language other than Swedish at home can get teaching in their own first language. The teaching helps the pupils to develop their language and to learn more about their own culture.

For young persons aged 16 and upwards, there are upper secondary schools in the towns around Habo. Most attend upper secondary school in Jönköping.

Education opportunities

Adult education, for example Swedish for Immigrants, SfI, is carried out mainly in Jönköping. Applications and first study guidance are carried out in Habo.

The nearest city with a university is Jönköping.

Health and medical care

Habo has a medical centre. This also offers women’s healthcare and child healthcare, and also dental care. The nearest hospital with an accident and emergency department is in Jönköping.

Interpreter assistance

Habo municipality uses Jönköping’s interpreter and translator service for all interviews with an interpreter.

Public transport

There are good communications between Habo municipality and other locations in Sweden, via bus and train traffic. Examples of journey times to Jönköping:

  • From Habo centre: by train 13 minutes or by bus 30 minutes.

  • From Furusjö, the journey time is 50 minutes.

  • From Brandstorp, 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Trains from Habo centre take 1 hour 45 minutes to Göteborg, 3 hours to Malmö and 3 hours 30 minutes to Stockholm.

Work and entrepreneurship

The largest company in Habo municipality is Fagerhults Belysning AB, which has 625 employees and is a well-known niche company within the lighting sector. Other well-known companies are Portsystem 2000 AB, Brogårdsand AB and Sibelco Nordic (formerly Baskarpsand). Habo also has a large number of small businesses within various sectors. In total, around 300 companies currently operate within the municipality.

Many people in Habo commute to workplaces in adjacent municipalities, such as Jönköping.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
STL söker flera medarbetare i Habo Account manager
Busschaufförer Bussförare/Busschaufför
Ingen tidigare erfarenhet krävs / Säljare sökes till Habo Utesäljare
Familjebehandlare Familjebehandlare
Undersköterskor till hemtjänsten Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Vårdenhetschef Enhetschef, hälso- och sjukvård
2 st Undersköterskor till särskilt boende Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Hallvärd / Hallvärdinna Försäljningsassistent
Personlig assistent till 6 - årig pojke – Vaken natt Personlig assistent
Pedagog Specialpedagog
Timvikarier för arbete i förskolor , fritidshem och skolor Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
Affärsinriktad internkommunikatör till Fagerhult Marknadskommunikatör
Orientalisk kock Specialkock
Däckmontör / skiftare Fordonstekniker/Bilmekaniker/Personbilsmekaniker
Gymnasielärare - religion / historia Lärare i gymnasiet
Timvikarie till hemtjänsten Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
ST - läkare ST-läkare
Underläkare Läkare
Timvikarier demensvård Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Mjukvaru - utvecklare , Embedded Mjukvaruutvecklare

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

10 948

Size by area

330 km2

Distance to larger towns

Jönköping 17 km

Göteborg 160 km

Malmö 311 km

Stockholm 348 km

Municipality’s website

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