Kramfors municipality can offer both small-town charm and a scenic natural setting. Here you can choose between living in the countryside or in town. The municipality is perfectly situated by the coast, with woods, mountains, lakes and the sea. The High Coast area, listed as a World Heritage site, lies within the municipality and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Welcome to our safe, close-knit and inspiring municipality!



There are several different types of flats to rent in Kramfors municipality. Everything from one-bedroom to six-bedroom flats. Krambo, a municipal housing company, can arrange flats throughout the municipality. There are also private landlords who rent out accommodation.

Associations and organisations

There are 300 associations in Kramfors, each one of them ready to welcome you as a member. We have a lot of sports clubs, for everything from swimming to weight lifting. There are Church of Sweden churches in most villages. In the area there are also nonconformist churches such as EFS (Swedish Evangelical Mission), the Pentecostal church, the Baptist congregation, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mission Covenant congregation. There is a mosque in Sundsvall and an Islamic association in Härnösand. Kramfors has a recently started LGBT cultural association.

What is available in the immediate area

There is a library in central Kramfors where you can practise speaking Swedish several times a week. Ullånger and Nordingrå also have libraries. There is also a mobile library that travels around the municipality – check its stops and timetable here.

In the central community of Kramfors there is a wide selection of shops and the Christoffer Galleria. In addition to Kramfors there are 16 smaller population centres in the municipality. Ullånger, Nyland and Bollstabruk have good local services. Many of the smaller communities have supermarkets and restaurants. In Kramfors there are several second-hand shops.



Kramfors preschool offers high-quality care and learning.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are 10 comprehensive schools in the municipality, including the recently built Skarpåkersskolan in central Kramfors.

Kramfors municipality has two upper secondary schools: Ådalaskolan in central Kramfors and Räddningsgymnasiet on Sandö. There is also an independent upper secondary school in the municipality, Naturbruksgymnasiet Nordvik.


Education opportunities

If you are registered as a resident in Kramfors and do not have Swedish as your native language, you are entitled to a basic Swedish course on the Swedish for immigrants (Sfi) programme. Sfi will provide you with the basics of the Swedish language, and the pace of study is adapted to your level. The municipality has a number of adult education programmes. In Kramfors there is also Träakademien, offering higher education programmes in furniture making and woodworking crafts. Hola Folk High School lies within the municipality.

Health and medical care

Kramfors, Nyland and Höga Kusten have health centres. There is a Family centre at Bruksgatan 12, at the medical care centre in Kramfors. National dental health care services are at Limstagatan 9. The nearest hospital is 35-40 minutes away by car or train.

Public transport

There are good train connections to and from Kramfors as the Bothnia Line passes here, with Umeå and Örnsköldsvik to the north and Härnösand and Sundsvall to the south. Höga Kusten Airport in Nyland has its own railway station and daily flights to Stockholm and Gällivare. Buses along Route 90 are frequent, making it easy to commute to work and school in Sollefteå, Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand.


Work and entrepreneurship

Kramfors has many different types of businesses, but the sawmills and pulp mills have long been the backbone of the local economy. A major employer is Mondi Dynäs, which makes paper sacks. Another big employer is Gerdins i Mjällom, a detail and system supplier of precision parts in metal, metalworking and composite components. Among the service providers, Folksam is a major player with its telemarketing arm. The biggest employer in the municipality is Kramfors municipality, with 1700 employees.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

18 000

Size by area

1 907 km2

Distance to larger towns

Stockholm 470 km

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