Kristinehamn municipality has around 24,000 inhabitants and is prettily located by Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern, in the county of Värmland. In Kristinehamn, there are opportunities for active leisure time, exciting culture, relaxation and play. Our municipality also offers great service, good childcare and schools and great growth. You are warmly welcome!



There are both private and municipal housing companies in Kristinehamn municipality. Kristinehamnsbostäder is the municipal housing company. On the municipality’s website, you can find contact data to most housing companies in Kristinehamn.

Language groups in the locality

Many language groups are represented in Kristinehamn, such as Arabic, Somali, Persian and English.

Associations and organisations

Kristinehamn municipality has a broad and comprehensive range of associations within leisure, culture and sports, with around 200 active associations, and organisations and churches with a broad range of activities for all ages. The municipality’s association register has addresses and telephone numbers for most of the municipality’s associations.

Människor promenerar på torg i centrum / Två unga kvinnor sitter på brygga och äter glass 

What is available in the immediate area

Kristinehamn has a library, employment service, social insurance office and tax office. Retailing is varied, with both small and large shops, as well as second-hand shops and flea markets, in the centre of town and outside.


Childcare is offered to children whose parents/carers work, study or are seeking work. In Kristinehamn, we have nursery schools, family day nurseries, after-school clubs and general nursery school. The municipality also has an open nursery school, which is intended for parents who are at home with their children. The parent and child visit the open nursery school together. You are always welcome to visit our operations!

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Kristinehamn has 11 municipal comprehensive schools, teaching all the way from pre-school classes of six year olds up to year 9. More information can be found on the municipality's website.

The upper secondary school in Kristinehamn consists of Brogårdsgymnasiet and Presterudsgymnasiet. The schools offer at total of 14 programmes, as well as special upper secondary school with five programmes. More information can be found on the municipality's website.

Education opportunities

In Kristinehamn you can study Sfi (Swedish for immigrants). The course is aimed at immigrants who are more than 16 years and registered in Kristinehamn municipality, and who lack basic knowledge of Swedish language. You can find more information on the municipality's website.

There is also municipal adult education (komvux), offering theoretical courses and vocation-preparatory programmes. You can find more information on the municipality's website. The nearest university is in Karlstad, and there is good public transport from Kristinehamn.

Health and medical care

Kristinehamn has several medical centres and dental clinics. The family centre Källan is a meeting place for expectant parents and parents with children under school age. This has an ante-natal clinic, youth clinic, counsellor clinic, child healthcare clinic and open nursery school.

Interpreter assistance

Kristinehamn municipality uses interpreters as necessary.

Public transport

You can travel by bus or train locally or to other places in Värmland using Värmlandstrafik. On Värmlandstrafik's website you can find more information. On Kristinehamn municipality's website you can find timetables for local public transport.

Work and entrepreneurship

Kristinehamn has a good business climate, and there are both large and small companies within many sectors. In total, there are around 1,500 companies. Kristinehamn is well located at commuting distance to several larger towns. If you are interested in starting your own company, you can get advice from business collaboration in Kristinehamn.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Processingenjör till Nordic Paper i Bäckhammar Driftingenjör, maskin
Redovisningsekonom Redovisningsekonom
Nordic Paper i Bäckhammar söker en produktionsplanerare Produktionsingenjör, elektronik
Tekniker till Nordic Paper i Bäckhammar Drifttekniker, förbränningsstation
Underhållschef till Nordic Paper i Bäckhammar Maskinmontör
Säljare sökes! Telefonförsäljare
Erfarna sjuksköterskor till Kristinehamn Sjuksköterska, äldreomsorg och -vård/geriatrik
Är du vår nästa säljare? Utesäljare
Erfarna innesäljare sökes Innesäljare
Socialsekreterare Socialsekreterare
Personliga assistenter sökes till barnkund för tjänst om 60 - 80% Personlig assistent
Vi söker dig sjuksköterska till Karlstad Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Byggnadsinspektör Byggnadsinspektör
Produktionschef Produktionschef, tillverkning
Laborant i ett banbrytande företag Laborant, kemi
Biomedicinsk analytiker , laboratoriemedicin Kristinehamnsområdet Biomedicinsk analytiker
Begravningsrådgivare till Bolins Begravningsbyrå Kristinehamn Begravningsrådgivare
Produktionstekniker sökes till expansiv verkstadsindustri Produktionsingenjör, textil, trä, glas, förpackn
Sjuksköterska , närvårdsavdelning 85 , Kristinehamn Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Butikschef Butikschef

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

ca 24 000

Size by area

1 392 km2

Distance to larger towns

Karlstad 44 km

Örebro 71 km

Göteborg 249 km

Oslo 260 km

Stockholm 269 km

Municipality’s website

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