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​The Kronoberg tillsammans website has information from government agencies, municipalities, associations and NGOs involved with asylum seekers and integration in Kronoberg county.


Housing situation

Kronoberg is a county with lots of lakes and forests, with towns that have good communications with the outside world. In some of the county's municipalities, there is a lack of available housing. Bus and train connections are good in the county, which makes matters easier for those who choose to live outside the population centres. There are good opportunities to work and live in different places in the county.

Business and employers

The largest public employer in the county is Växjö municipality, with 7,575 employees, while he large private employer is IKEA of Sweden AB, which has 1,075 employees. The largest number of employees work within health and medical care and social work. Almost the same number work in sales, hotels, restaurants and services in Kronoberg county. Kronoberg has previously held top place in the number of small companies, and is still high up on the list.

Schools and education

The Linneaus university is one of Sweden's newest seats of learning, formed in 2010 through a merger between Växjö university and Kalmar university. The Linnaeus university has a campus in each town. Around 40,000 students study on 150 educational programmes and 2,000 independent courses. The number of first-hand applications to the Linnaeus university has increased by 32 per cent since 2010.

Medical care

The county has two hospitals, in Växjö and in Ljungby, and two emergency clinics. The county also has 32 medical centres, of which 11 are privately run, and Växjö has a forensic psychiatric regional clinic and a clinic for adult, as well as child and youth psychiatry.

Culture and leisure

Kronoberg county, which covers the central parts of Småland, is known for the Glass Country, but also for its beautiful cultural and natural surroundings. Växjö has Sweden's Glass Museum, a varied cultural life and a modern city library.

Växjö municipality was awarded the title of sports municipality of the year in 2013. The Arena city in Växjö is a centre for sports, education, leadership and commitment.

Kronoberg offers a wide range of cultural activities, with Småland's Museum and the House of Emigrants. The natural surroundings are attractive, with nature reserves and national parks, which are available for open-air life and natural experiences. Cultural reserves, such as Linnaeus' Råshult, are also located in in the county. Ljungby has the Ljungberg museum and the Story museum, among other attractions.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the county and in the surrounding counties.

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Here you will find information on associations and organisations in the county.

Association På ingång

Association På ingång is a youth association with focus on what happens after school and during meaningful leisure activities for the newly arrived young people who wish to make new contacts, networks and communities. Above all, På Ingång is about increased opportunities for trying new things, speaking Swedish, learning about the society and making new friends from different backgrounds.

Non-profit organisation Projektor

​The organisation organises youth projects and social ventures. A special branch of the organisation works on international issues; this organisation is called Globala Kronoberg Projektor also offers, among other things, internship to newly arrived people, employment and a platform for developing own ideas and initiatives.

Småland sports

Småland sports is a collective name for the Småland Sports federation and SISU Sports trainers. The association’s responsibility is to support the federation and the associations in Småland. We shall inspire the development and provide support and service, among other things, on issues related to: children and youth sports, grassroots sports and health, leadership and organisation, validation issues, etc. Do read more on our homepage.

Sport plays an important role for the integration of both new Swedes who are in the establishment phase and immigrants of several generations. The sports movement currently has an intensive task of introducing the new arrivals to the sports movement’s association. District federations have received a special role and special resources for supporting the work of the sports associations.

Växjö Red Cross Circle

Växjö Red Cross Circle organises several integration-promoting organisations for the newly arrived in Växjö municipality. With the help of nearly 200 volunteers, we provide support to several target groups each day.

  • On Mondays and Wednesdays, help with homework is arranged and language training is provided to those who need support in language and with homework.
  • Once a week, a swimming course for women with a foreign background, is provided.
  • Mentor till Mentor (mentor to mentor) is a sponsoring activity which offers the newly arrived individuals and families a Swedish speaking sponsor/sponsor family to promote integration in the society through language, culture and society.
  • Kompis till Kompis (Friend to friend) is a sponsoring activity, which offers unaccompanied young people a Swedish speaking friend to promote integration in the society.
  • We offer activities and language training to asylum seekers at the refugee camps.

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Municipalities in the county



Kronoberg county has eight municipalities: Alvesta, Lessebo, Ljungby, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Växjö and Älmhult. Växjö is the county town, and also the largest municipality in the county in terms of population, just over 85,000 inhabitants. Lessebo municipality is the smallest with just over 8,000 inhabitants. In total, the county has had a positive population increase of 1,7 % in the last few years.

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