Leksand is a popular destination and is often associated with sports, culture and proud traditions. Leksand is also an expansive municipality with numerous and strong businesses, active associations and a clear ambition to continue growing. The municipality’s vision is for its 15 300 inhabitants to become 18 000 by 2025. Leksand residents are open-minded and welcoming, and regard a multicultural society as a strength. The municipality has many years of positive experiences of refugee reception and integration. In addition to the communities of Leksand, Insjön, Siljansnäs and Tällberg there are around 90 smaller villages in the municipality.


Gustav wasa båt och Norsgatan​​


Refugee reception services in Leksand municipality work actively to prevent housing segregation. In collaboration with our municipal housing company, Leksandsbostäder AB, we offer flats to refugees in the central community of Leksand. There are also several private housing companies that rent out accommodation.

Language groups in the locality

After Swedish and English, spoken by most people in Leksand, the biggest language is Arabic. Other common languages include Persian, Dari and Tigrinya. Thanks to an international exchange programme with the Japanese city of Tobetsu, Japanese is also a language that many Leksand residents, not least upper secondary school pupils, have taken an interest in.

Associations and organisations

Leksand is ranked as one of Sweden’s best towns for sports, and an important part of the reason for that are the municipality’s many successful sports clubs. There are more than 200 associations of different kinds in the municipality, including the Multicultural association and the Sadaka culture association. The municipality’s association register has more information on all of them.

Granberget och barn som spelar fiol

What is available in the immediate area

Leksand has all the necessary services for newly arrived immigrants. The central community has e.g. Sfi courses, a social welfare office, local employment agency, a library and a social insurance office. There are several second-hand shops, a charming town centre, a smaller shopping centre at Hjultorget in Insjön (which is part of Leksand municipality) and a larger one, which includes IKEA, in Borlänge, only 45 minutes away.

If you are newly arrived you have the possibility of having a Swedish mentor to help you integrate in society. This possibility is known as Flyktingguide Dalarna (“refugee guide Dalarna”) and is organised in collaboration between Leksand municipality and the Church of Sweden.


Leksand municipality has a wide selection of municipal and independent preschools. Our competent staff focus on the needs of each individual child and strive to provide every child with security, knowledge and a stable foundation for the future.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Children under the age of 16 are offered a place in one of our comprehensive schools. Young people between the ages of 16 and 19 are offered the possibility of attending upper secondary school. These schools have a high educational standard. Pupils who do not speak Swedish are offered study guidance in their native language, in one or several subjects. Pupils who speak another language than Swedish at home are entitled to lessons in that language. You can read more about schools on the municipality’s website.

Education opportunities

Adults are offered Sfi lessons (Swedish for immigrants). The goal is for you to be able to understand and speak Swedish in everyday life, at work or in school. Teaching is adapted to your education and previous experience of studying. If you have training and professional experience from your home country, your qualifications will be valued. Once you have learned enough Swedish to manage further studies, you have the same possibilities as everyone else. As a new arrival you also have the opportunity of attending a course about Swedish society.


Health and medical care

Leksand medical care centre offers newly arrived refugees the possibility of health counselling, examinations and if necessary, contact with a specialist doctor. The medical care centre also has obstetric and paediatric consultation services. Dentists are available in the same building. The nearest emergency hospitals are in Mora and Falun.

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to have an interpreter present during your contacts with all public authorities. It is each authority's responsibility to hire an interpreter before your meeting, if you request it.

Public transport

There are three railways stations in Leksand municipality, and it is easy to take a bus or train to nearby communities such as Insjön, Tällberg and Rättvik. Many Leksand residents commute daily to bigger town such as Borlänge, Mora or Falun. Public transport services are operated by SJ, Tåg i Bergslagen and Dalatrafik.

Work and entrepreneurship

Leksand municipality is the biggest employer, with about 1 500 employees in 191 different professions. You can read more about vacancies in the municipality and about the municipality as employer on Leksand municipality’s website.

Additionally there are about 1 000 large and small businesses within most industries, which is an unusually large number in relation to the municipality’s website. Large and well-known companies include Clas Ohlson, Bergkvist Insjön, Tomoku Hus, Leksandsbröd and Ejendals. There are many hotels in Tällberg, and in Leksand are one of Sweden’s foremost campsites, Leksand sommarland and Leksands IF, an elite ice hockey team.

Hockey i Leksand på Tegera arena

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Vi söker säljare till First Alarm i Falun. Hemförsäljare
Undersköterska som vill jobba med personlig assistans i Mora Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Dagbarnvårdare Dagbarnvårdare
Lokalvårdare / diskare Hotellstädare
Vaktmästare som gärna får vara lite snickarkunnig Fastighetsskötare/Fastighetsarbetare
Frukostvärdinna / servering Frukostvärd/Frukostvärdinna
Would you like to be part of an exciting journey? Marknadsanalytiker
Montör Montör, el- och teleutrustning
Takvårdare till LA Takvård Tak- och tätskiktsmontör, utan yrkesbevis
Medarbetare till kundservice / reception Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Tandhygienist sökes till Folktandvården Leksand Tandhygienist
Mätningsingenjör , Leksand Mätningsingenjör/MBK-ingenjör
distriktssköterska / sjuksköterska Distriktssköterska
Hudterapeut för kundrådgivning och ordermottagning Hudterapeut
Creative and communicative Merchandising developers Butikskommunikatör/Visual merchandiser
Personliga assistenter sökes till kvinna i Leksand Personlig assistent
Fritidspedagog Sammilsdalskolan Lärare i fritidshem/Fritidspedagog
Barnmorska 80 % Familjecentral i Leksand Barnmorska
Distriktssköterska / sjuksköterska (vikariat) , vårdcentral Leksand Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Personal till Anneli Omsorg i Leksand Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

15 326

Size by area

1 412 km2

Distance to larger towns

Borlänge 45 km

Falun 49 km

Mora 58 km

Municipality’s website

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