Ludvika municipality is in southern Dalarna. Here you are close to magnificent natural surroundings that invite to an active leisure life. In Ludvika centre, you are close to all the services you need. Here you live in a secure environment, you children can attend nursery schools and schools of high quality, and you can become part of a lively association scene. Ludvika is also an expanding municipality with many strong companies – with a clear ambition to continue growing. A train and bus station in Ludvika centre has good connections to Stockholm and other major cities. The municipality has many years of positive experience of receiving refugees and integration. Ludvika inhabitants are open, welcoming and regard a multi-cultural society as a strength.




Frändskapshuset is a meeting place for Swedes and immigrants, irrespective of their background. Here everyone is welcome who wants to meet and socialise, get to know each other and exchange experiences – social, linguistic and cultural.

Frändskapshuset is a tool for shortening the distance between each other and make it a bit easier to meet. It has a rich and varied range of activities, such as women's meetings, lectures, "Babel", cultural café, immigrant services, social information, interpreter agency and association information. Read more about Frändskapshuset on the municipality's website.



The refugee reception in Ludvika works actively to prevent housing segregation. The municipality has wide variety of housing. You can find flats to rent, tenant-owner flats, single-family houses and farms. If you want to rent a flat, there are links and telephone number to various agencies on the municipality's website.

Language groups in the locality

Apart from Swedish and English, which most Ludvika inhabitants speak, the largest language is Arabic. Other languages are Persian, Dari, Tigrinya, Somali, Thai, Dutch, Russian and more.

Associations and organisations

In Ludvika municipality there are as many associations as there are lakes and watercourses – around 370 associations are listed in our association register. Associations are represented by everything from large associations to small village associations. If you are looking for an association, you can go to the association register.


​Childcare and comprehensive schools

The schools in Ludvika consist of pre-school class, comprehensive school (years 1–9) and special school. We have 18 comprehensive schools with around 2,600 pupils in years pre-school–9, and two special comprehensive schools with 33 pupils in years 1–10.

Upper secondary schools

There are two upper secondary schools in the municipality, Västerbergslagens utbildningscentrum (VBU), which is a municipal association between Ludvika municipality and Smedjebacken municipality, and the privately-owned ABB industrigymnasium.

Health and medical care

In Ludvika, the municipality want everybody to feel well. If you become ill, injured or want advice, you should get help to find what you need. The county council is responsible for most of the health and medical care you have access to. You should contact the county council if you become ill.

Interpreter assistance

The municipality has an interpreter agency intended for inhabitants in the municipality with foreign background, who lack sufficient knowledge of Swedish to make social contacts. We offer interpreting, translation, messaging service and training of interpreter users. Read more about the interpreter agency and how to order an interpreter on the municipality's website.

Public transport


Located just two hours from Stockholm, 110 km from Västerås and 120 km from Örebro, Ludvika is an attractive place to work and live. More information is available on:






Cykelvägar i Ludvika kommun​

Work and entrepreneurship

The ABB companies are the largest employer in the municipality, with around 2,700 employees. Thereafter follows Ludvika municipality, with around 2,500 employees. You can read more about the municipality as an employer and about vacant positions available on the municipality's website.

Ludvika provides great support for those who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs. There is a business unit at the municipality that can help to smoothly handle the permits that may be needed.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

25 800

Size by area

1658 km2

Distance to larger towns

Borlänge 35 km (ca 30 min.)

Stockholm 210 km

Örebro 120 km

Västerås 110 km

Oslo 347 km

Göteborg 399 km​

Municipality’s website

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