Mellerud municipality is a miniature Sweden. We have a long coastline on lake Vänern, agricultural land, forests, lakes and upland terrain, large population centres and small villages. There are many historical sites and a vibrant cultural life. In Mellerud you can live either in a small town or in the countryside, but still have easy access to the major cities..




Many people in Mellerud live in detached or terraced houses, but we also have plenty of flats to rent. Most of them are owned by Mellbo, the municipal housing company. More information about landlords and property agents, with links to their websites, is available on Mellerud's website.

Language groups in the locality

Approximately 12 per cent of Mellerud's inhabitants were born in a country other than Sweden. Major language groups aside from Swedish include Syrian, Thai, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Somali, Arabic, Polish and Dutch.

Associations and organisations

Mellerud has a broad-ranging civil society with about 100 associations of different kinds. If you are musically inclined, there are many choirs and musical ensembles.


There are several religious communions in Mellerud, including the Church of Sweden, the Mission Covenant Church, Smyrna (Pentecostal) and Mellerud Christian Centre. There is also an Islamic Association. The nearest mosque is in Trollhättan. More information about Mellerud's associations is available on the municipality's website.

What is available in the immediate area

In central Mellerud there is a citizens' office, a library, banks, shops of many kinds, including three selling second-hand items, doctors, dentists, hairdressers, a social welfare office, restaurants, an indoor swimming pool and a sports facility, and much more. There is a large shopping centre in Trollhättan, and the nearest IKEA is in Uddevalla.

Badhus och åker

The municipality also has several sports grounds and gyms, an indoor swimming pool, an art museum, two cinemas and one of west Sweden's finest concert halls. The Employment Service and Social Insurance Agency are in Vänersborg, but provide certain services in Mellerud. The Tax Agency is in Trollhättan. There is a local police station in Mellerud.


Barn som leker

Mellerud municipality has preschools in four communities. In central Mellerud there is also a child minder. Read more about preschool activities. There are recreation centres at five of our comprehensive schools. The Church of Sweden also has activities for children.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools


In Mellerud municipality there are five comprehensive schools for pupils up to year 6 and one school for pupils in years 7-9. We also have an upper secondary school with several different programmes. Read more here about schools and childcare in Mellerud. Last but not least we have a culture school offering courses in music, song and dance.

Education opportunities

Mellerud's adult education services offer, in addition to upper secondary courses, Swedish and civic information for immigrants, courses in computer use and some vocational training programmes.

The nearest university college is Högskolan Väst in Trollhättan. You can also live in Mellerud and study at the university of Gothenburg or Karlstad. In Dals-Långed, twenty-odd kilometres away, you can attend an arts programme at higher education level. Uddevalla has a Högskolecentrum (centre for higher education).

Health and medical care

There is a medical care centre in central Mellerud with both an obstetrics and a paediatric centre. National dental health care is available as well as a private dentist. The nearest hospital is in Bäckefors (25 km away), Trollhättan and Uddevalla.

Interpreter assistance

People who need help from an interpreter in their contacts with the municipality are entitled to receive it. The interpreter is booked by the municipality.

Public transport

Mellerud has regular train connections with Karlstad, Trollhättan and Gothenburg. There are buses to the other municipalities in Dalsland, as well as to  Vänersborg and Trollhättan. Read more about departures and timetables on Västtrafik's website.

Work and entrepreneurship

Mellerud has only a few larger companies, but we have hundreds of small businesses and well developed commerce. Many of our inhabitants work in schools or in nursing and care. There are larger companies in Trollhättan and Uddevalla. The municipality supports people who want to set up a business. Read more about how the municipality supports the business community on the municipality's website.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
STL söker flera medarbetare i Mellerud Account manager
Socialsekreterare med inriktning mot barn och unga Socialsekreterare
Klinikchef Klinikchef, tandvård/Verksamhetschef, tandvård
Controller Controller
Mekaniker / Montörer till expansiva JOAB! Maskinmontör
Vi söker en Personlig Servicetekniker / bilmekaniker Fordonstekniker/Bilmekaniker/Personbilsmekaniker
Sjuksköterska 100% Sjuksköterska, psykiatrisk vård
Nattsjuksköterska till hemsjukvården Sjuksköterska, äldreomsorg och -vård/geriatrik
Två arbetsterapeuter 100% till Rehabteamet Arbetsterapeut
Sjuksöterska till hemsjukvården Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Skogsansvarig Skogsbruksrådgivare
Pizzabagare Mellerud Pizzabagare
Installationselektriker till Mellerud Installationselektriker
Dalslands miljö - och energikontor söker Åtgärdssamordnare övergödning Miljösamordnare/Miljökoordinator
MIG / MAG svetsare sökes till företag i Mellerud för spännande uppdrag! Robotsvetsare
Lärare i idrott och hälsa till Karolinerskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 4-6
Lärare i svenska och svenska som andraspråk till Dahlstiernska gymnasiet Lärare i gymnasiet
Lärare i svenska och svenska 2 till Rådaskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Speciallärare / specialpedagog / socialpedagog till Rådaskolan Specialpedagog
Lärare i biologi och fysik till Rådaskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

8 929

Size by area

944 km2

Distance to larger towns

Vänersborg 45 km

Trollhättan 55 km

Uddevalla 65 km

Karlstad 120 km

Göteborg 130 km

Municipality’s website

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