We wish you a warm welcome to Nässjö municipality in the Småland uplands. The town of Nässjö has 17,000 inhabitants. Anneberg, Bodafors, Malmbäck and Forserum are the major surrounding towns. Our municipality is characterised by a rich and active business and association life. Here you can find both towns and countryside. There is something for everyone here.



The largest manager of flats for rent in Nässjö is the municipal housing company Linden. Linden owns around 1,750 flats throughout Nässjö municipality. In order to rent a flat from Linden, you have to register on its separate housing queue.

There are also around thirty different private landlords who manage flats within the borders of Nässjö municipality.

Language groups in the locality

For many years, lots of people arriving in Sweden have chosen to move to Nässjö municipality. There are therefore many different nationalities and language groups in our municipality. The major languages spoken in the municipality today are Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali and the languages of former Yugoslavia, such as Bosnian and Serbian.

Associations and organisations

Nässjö Municipality has many associations, around 300 active associations. They cover everything from sports clubs to various faith congregations and cultural associations.

Many associations provide meeting places with language cafés, homework help and social information. Becoming involved in an association is a good way to learn about Sweden and get to know new friends. You can read more about civil society on the municipality’s website.

What is available in the immediate area

In central Nässjö, at Rådmansgatan 20, you can find the Citizens’ House with the employment service, the social insurance office, the tax office and the municipal citizens’ office, tourism office and the integration and guidance unit all in the same building.

There are several libraries in Nässjö municipality. Nässjö town library is located in central Nässjö.

There are several second hand shops in Nässjö. Here you can find cheap furniture and household goods. Nässjö also has two furniture stores, Jysk and MIO. In Nässjö town centre, there are lots of shops and restaurants. There is also another shopping area, with shops such as RUSTA, ÖoB and DIY stores. If you want to shop at IKEA, there is a store in the county’s central town: Jönköping.

Nyanlända och träcentrum


Nässjö municipality has nursery schools for children aged 1 to 5 years. For up-to-date information and application forms for a place in a nursery school, please go to the municipality’s website or visit the citizens’ office.

General information about nursery school

Applying direct for a place for your child

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

In Nässjö municipality, there are a number of compulsory comprehensive schools, from the pre-school year to year nine, as well as primary and lower secondary special schools.

Upper secondary schools offer a broad range of theoretical, vocationally oriented and specially designed programmes. You can find more information on the upper secondary school website.

Education opportunities

Nässjö offers many different opportunities for education. There is sfi, social orientation for new arrivals, various adult education classes, Komvux, the municipal upper secondary education for adults, and vocational training at further education level. For guidance and support on educational issues, you can contact the municipal integration and guidance unit.

Undervisning på komvux

Health and medical care

In Nässjö municipality, there are a number of medical centres.

The nearest hospital is Höglandssjukhuset in Eksjö.

Nässjö also has a family centre that works with children and families. The family centre offers ante-natal and child healthcare, a young persons’ unit and open nursery school. Hit är alla barn och föräldrar välkomna.

Interpreter assistance

There are opportunities to get help from an interpreter for contacts with public authorities. ​​

Public transport

Nässjö is a railway junction, and many trains go through our town. The fast trains to Stockholm and Copenhagen take 2–3 hours. Trains to Jönköping leave every half hour, and take around 30 minutes.

There are local buses within Nässjö municipality. All information is available from Länstrafiken.

Work and entrepreneurship

The various municipal administrations are the major employers in Nässjö. There are several large and small companies – within the municipality and within commuting distance.

You can read more on the municipality’s business pages, where there is information about starting your own company as well as descriptions of the companies and business in Nässjö municipality.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

29 609

Size by area

933 km2

Distance to larger towns

Jönköping 40 km

Göteborg 186 km

Växjö 112 km

Stockholm 320 km

Municipality’s website

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