Nordmaling municipality is located midway between the two towns of Umeå and Örnsköldsvik and is therefore called the half-way house between the towns. Nordmaling is a safe municipality with active associations – there are sports and cultural associations here with different congregations. You’ll find in the municipality all conceivable services such as schools, child care, welfare centres, food shops, clothes shops and libraries. Thanks to the Bothnia Line is it easy to reach the municipality by both bus and train. Another reason to choose Nordmaling is the beautiful natural surroundings close to the sea, two rivers and forests.



There are many companies which offer accommodation in Nordmaling municipality. The biggest landlord is the municipality’s own company by the name of Nordmalingshus which has flats in most urban areas in the municipality. There are also several private landlords and property brokers which sell houses. You’ll find contact information for them on the municipality’s housing website.

Language groups in the locality

People of many different nationalities live in Nordmaling municipality. The largest language groups apart from Swedish and English are Tigrinya, Dari and Arabic.

Bilder från café och bibliotek i Nordmaling

Associations and organisations

There are 80 active organisations in Nordmaling municipality. For example, there is a large number of sports associations including football, hockey, handball, riding, orienteering and skiing. There is also a number of cultural associations involved with music, theatre, art and exhibitions for example. Nordmaling municipality also has a number of different congregations such as the PentecostalChurch, Baptists, the Church of Sweden, the Missionary Church and EFS. All the associations can be found on the municipality’s association register.

What is available in the immediate area

All the necessary services can be found in Nordmaling municipality. You'll find several food shops and also shops which sell clothes, fabric and shoes. If you need help buying inexpensive furniture and household appliances, there are several flea markets, for example Repahuset flea market. There is a library and public swimming baths near to schools. In central Nordmaling there is also a job centre and social welfare offices.

Marknadsdag i Nordmaling


There are 10 preschools in Nordmaling municipality in the districts of Nordmaling, Rundvik, Lögdeå, Håknäs, Nyåker and Gräsmyr for children aged from 1-5 years. There is also an open school in Nordmaling which is free to attend. There is also a number of so-called family day nurseries in the municipality, where children receive child care in a home environment and in small groups.​

Elever i skolan

Education opportunities

In Nordmaling municipality you can study sfi (Swedish for immigrants), attend municipal adult education at compulsory school and upper secondary level, as well as special needs education for adults. There is a university, high schools, folk high schools and other adult education in Umeå for example and in Örnsköldsvik. Distance learning of social studies for those who have recently settled in Sweden is provided and teaching is provided in sfi’s premises.

​Health and medical care

In Nordmaling there is a health centre which offers healthcare to those living in the municipality. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists all work here. In central Nordmaling there are also national health service dentists. In the same building as the social welfare office there is also a child care centre and midwives. The nearest hospital with A&E care is in Umeå.

Interpreter assistance

You are entitled to make use of interpreting services whenever you have dealings with the authorities, such as Nordmaling municipality. Interpreting is primarily provided over the telephone. ​

Public transport

Nordmaling municipality lies midway between the two large towns of Umeå and Örnsköldsvik. In Nordmaling there is a travel centre where both trains and buses heading to both the north and south leave several times a day. There are also bus lines which travel out to the municipality’s smaller villages. It is easy to commute by either bus or train from Nordmaling to Umeå or Örnsköldsvik. To find information regarding buses and trains, please visit

Work and entrepreneurship

The economy in Nordmalings comprises numerous small companies and a small number of larger companies. The municipality’s largest employer is Nordmaling municipality itself with around 800 employees. The municipality’s largest companies are industrial companies such as Olofsfors AB, Masonite Beams and haulage contractors. Due to Nordmaling’s central location, it is easy to commute by train, bus or car to Umeå and Örnsköldsvik, for example.

If you want to start up a business in Nordmaling, you can contact the municipality’s economic developers whose work involves providing support to new start-ups and existing companies.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Boendehandledare , Kungsvägens gruppbostad Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Lärare , musik och engelska Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Extrapersonal , inom förskola , skola och fritidshem Barnskötare
Vik undersköterskor , personalpool Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Fältsäljare Sökes! 🌟 Utesäljare
ST - läkare , Allmänmedicin Nordmalings hälsocentral ST-läkare
Bibliotekskommunikatör Informatör/Kommunikatör
Sjuksköterska Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Ledigt jobb som CNC - / Automationsoperatörer hos Olofsfors AB CNC-operatör/FMS-operatör
Verksamhetschef IFO Enhetschef inom socialtjänst
Taxichaufför , heltidstjänster och extra Taxiförare/Taxichaufför
Extrapersonal , vård - och omsorg samt kök Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Vi söker undersköterskor till bemanningspool i Umeå! Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Vik universitetslektor i journalistik eller MKV med inriktning journalistik Universitets- och högskolelektor
Vikarierande universitetslektor i etnologi Universitets- och högskolelektor
Vikarierande universitetslektor i medie - och kommunikationsvetenskap Universitets- och högskolelektor
Systemutvecklare / programmerare redo för nya utmaningar? Systemutvecklare/Programmerare
Vill du jobba inom bilrekonditionering? Bilrekonditionerare
Seniora systemutvecklare inom Java och / eller C++ Systemutvecklare/Programmerare
Samordnare till hållbarhetsprojekt , Miljö - och hälsoskydd Handläggare/Utredare, offentlig förvaltning

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Service map

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

7 059

Size by area

1 269 km2

Distance to larger towns

Umeå 53 km

Örnsköldsvik 60 km

Municipality’s website​

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