Norsjö municipality is a small municipality in the north of Sweden's interior. Despite its diminutiveness, there is a good range of services to be found here. There are shops, banks, dentists, health centres, schools etc. Norsjö municipality is one of the safest municipality’s in the country and we have little crime. We therefore offer a good environment for children to grow up in. In Norsjö municipality there are many sports fans so if you like football, hockey or volleyball there are good opportunities to get involved. The proximity to nature mean that many residents of Norsjö hunt, fish and pick berries. If you want to travel further afield there is a railway station and good bus links with the neighbouring towns. It takes just an hour to travel to the nearest airport.



The two largest accommodation companies are municipally owned Norsjölägenheter and the privately owned Norsjöbo AB.

In Norsjö municipality there is also a number of other smaller landlords which rent out flats. In order to make it easy to find a flat for rent, you can go to Norsjö municipality’s website where you’ll find a list of landlords.

Please contact the municipality’s refugee coordinators if you have any questions regarding accommodation, call the municipality's switchboard on 0918-140 00.

Language groups in the locality

Somalian, Arabic, Tigrinya, Amharic, Dari, Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch.

Associations and organisations

In the municipality you’ll find the Church of Sweden, the Pentecostal congregation and the Missionary Church. The churches arrange regular activities. There is also a Muslim group which meets regularly.

There are many associations in the municipality. To get in contact with any association, there is an association register.

A page with municipal events can be found here.

What is available in the immediate area

In Norsjö you’ll find shops, a library, a job centre, municipal offices, a youth recreation centre and banks.

If you want to furnish your home, there is a second-hand store called Knut’n where you’ll find everything from furniture to crockery and clothes.

Beach Volley i Norsjö


In the municipality there are preschools, a family day nursery and open preschools.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Sweden’s parents and teachers have ranked Norsjö as one of the best municipalities in the country. In the municipality there are two comprehensive schools, one in Bastuträsk for years F-5 and one in the chief town of Norsjö for years F-9. There are also special schools and upper secondary schools.

Education opportunities

There is the opportunity to enrol in adult education. There is also the opportunity to undertake distance learning to study for university and high school education.

SFI tuition is provided in both Norsjö and Bastuträsk.

Read more on the Norsjö learning centre website.

Health and medical care

In the chief town of Norsjö there is a health cen​tre with a midwifery clinic and a child health centre. You’ll also find national health centre dental surgeries in the same building.

Interpreter assistance

The municipality can arrange interpreting help if required. The interpreting service is usually provided over the telephone but also onsite interpreting in special cases.

Public transport

If you want to travel further afield there is the railway station and good bus links with the neighbouring towns. It takes just an hour to travel to the nearest airport.

Work and entrepreneurship

The largest employers in the municipality are: Norsjö municipality itself (schools, nursing and care), Trätrappor (timber industry), Inwido (timber industry), Extena (plastics industry), Norsjö betong (cement works).

Many residents of Norsjö commute daily for work in Skellefteå, Lycksele and Malå.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

Write in any word to filter the list
Job headingProfession
181103 På uppdrag av en av våra egna arbetsgivare , Kvarnåsens assistans , sö Personlig assistent
Personliga assistenter sökes för uppdrag tillsvidare Personlig assistent
Är du vår nästa säljare? Utesäljare
Sjuksköterska till ambulansen i Norsjö Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Servitris / Servitör sökes Servitör/Servitris
Krog / Bar - ansvarig Barchef
Idrottsplatsvaktmästare , IP Centralorten Idrottsplatsvaktmästare/Idrottsplatsarbetare
Ämneslärare 6 - 9 , tyska / svenska , Kågeskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Rekrytering av servicetekniker till JOBmeal! Servicetekniker, maskin
Kundrådgivare Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Strategiska inköpare till Alimak Hek Inköpare
SUBWAY Skellefteå Restaurangbiträde
Senior personalutvecklare HR-assistent
HR specialist Avtal / Förmåner och pensioner HR-specialist/HR-adviser
HR specialist HR system HR-specialist/HR-adviser
Norsktalande stjärnor till framtidens kundservice! Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Säljande kommunikatör Marknadskommunikatör
Förskollärare , Norrbacka förskola Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
Vikariat lokalvårdare Städare/Lokalvårdare
Materialberedare till Leab Elektronikkonstruktör

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Service map

Here you can see which services are available in the municipality. You can also use the search field in the map to find and mark a location, for example a residential address.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

4 300

Size by area

1 700 km2

Distance to larger towns

Skellefteå 80 km

Lycksele 80 km

Municipality’s website ​​

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