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Örebro county lies in the heart of Sweden. The county’s twelve municipalities are home to a total of 285,000 residents. The largest town in Örebro. For centuries the county has been an important meeting place for people. Distances are small here and there are good communication links, good educational opportunities and an extensive labour market.


Housing situation

In certain places there is a shortage of vacant flats and it is difficult to get accommodation. It is often easier in small towns. It can be an advantage to live in a small municipality where it is clearer how the community works. Many people live in one town and work in another. The commuting distances are relatively short and buses and trains operate in and between the major towns in the county. On the county's public transport website you can see an overview of the opportunities for bus travel.

Business and employers

There are numerous different occupations and employers in the county. You'll find here the manufacturing industry and highly technical research, a large service sector and jobs within healthcare and care provision. Some of the largest private employers are Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB, which manufactures machinery and equipment for mining, and the bus company Nobina Sverige AB.

Within the public sector, Örebro municipality itself and Örebro county council are the largest employers. For those of you who want to start your own companies, you can get assistance from Almi Mälardalen and IFS Rådgivning – for entrepreneurs with a foreign background.

Schools and education

The county has many excellent opportunities for higher education. Örebro University is one of Sweden's largest universities with around 17,000 students and 1,200 employees. The university offers studies and research within the fields of psychology, humanities, law, social sciences, natural sciences, technology, healthcare, medicine, teaching, music and sport. The  Restaurant and Hotel College in Grythyttan is also run by the university. Read more about Örebro University. There are also numerous folk high schools and vocational training opportunities. Other meeting places are the various learning centres.

Medical care

Örebro county council operates welfare centres in all the county's municipalities. There are three hospitals in the county, in Örebro, Karlskoga and Lindesberg. The University Hospital in Örebro is one of the country's eight university hospitals. The county council is also working to prevent sickness and promote public health. Read more about health care in Örebro county.

Culture and leisure

There is a rich cultural life and plenty of opportunities to take part in sport and leisure activities in all the county's municipalities.The library often acts as a meeting place where there are also opportunities to read books and newspapers in different languages. In Sweden, various cultural and sports associations are very important for creating contact between people from different backgrounds. Many parents are involved with the organisations which organise their child's leisure activities.

Here you'll find sports associations and study associations. They are form part of the civil community's work with respect to integration and meetings between different people. Other activities are organised by immigrant organisations, the Red Cross, the Church of Sweden and the mosque in Örebro.

Associations and organisations – civil society

The association life, study associations, churches and religious communities are important for integration – for both adults and children. There is a sense of a commitment in the county and many meeting places for those who have recently settled in Sweden where they can learn more about Swedish society in different ways and also learn Swedish. For example, there are many places which offer help with homework for those children whose mother tongue is not Swedish. Read more at, amongst other places, the immigrant organisations and the Red Cross.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the county and in the surrounding counties.

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Here you will find information on associations and organisations in the county.

ALMI Företagspartner

​ALMI företagspartner works toward supporting and helping people who are in the process of starting their business or buying a company. They offer a number of financial and consulting solutions based on precisely your conditions.


Bilda is a member of Örebro läns bildningsförbund (ÖLBF, Örebro county educational federation). Free Churches, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches, youth and ecumenical organisations. The Catholic Church.

Ibn Rushd

​Ibn Rushd is a member of Örebro läns bildningsförbund (ÖLBF, Örebro county educational federation). It works with the majority of the Muslim associations in Sweden.

Kvinnohuset (Women's shelter) in Örebro

The task of ​Kvinnohuset is to offer professional help and a sanctuary to abused women and children. Their work consists of supporting and counselling either on the phone or by means of visits to the women's shelter. They also have sheltered accommodation for threatened women who are forced to leave their homes.

Lärcentra - Cityakademin lärcentrum

Cityakademin lärcentrum (Learning centre - the City Academy learning centre) is a place for adult students and those who need a place to study or need help with their studies. Teachers of Swedish, Mathematics, English, Civics and History, work here. A service for those who have reading and writing disabilities is also available. The premises have computers, wireless internet, reservable and quiet study environments.

Örebro läns bildningsförbund (ÖLBF)

​Örebro läns bildningsförbund (ÖLBF, Örebro county educational federation) is the umbrella organisation for adult education in Örebro county, tasked with promoting, supporting and strengthening adult education activities in the county. Its members comprise the ten educational associations, the county's five folk high schools, SISU Idrottsutbildarna, regional libraries and Amatörteatersamverkan, an association for cooperation between amateur drama groups.

Örebro mansmottagning

Örebro mansmottagning works to provide qualified treatment with the focus on men's violence in intimate relationships. The purpose of the organisation is to contribute to the children's, women's and men's safety and health by stopping violence inflicted on the family members. They also offer treatment individually, in groups and to partners..

Örebro mosque

The Islamic Culture Centre was founded in 1978 by a number of people who wanted to start an association for Örebro's Muslims. The Örebro Mosque Foundation was instituted in 2007. The mosque is mainly Sunni and is open to all who want to take part in its activities. Members come from around 25 different countries.

Örebro Rights Centre

Örebro Rights Centre is an anti-discriminatory bureau. They provide free legal advice and support to people who feel discriminated or unjustly treated. Örebro rights centre has a pledge of secrecy and can help in contacting those who have discriminated or in notifying the office of the Equality Ombudsman.

Örebro Stadsmission

The Church of Sweden's Örebro parish was involved in setting up Örebro Stadsmission (Örebro City Mission) in the autumn of 2015. It is a non-profit organisation that arranges activities for homeless people and people with addiction problems. Örebro Stadsmission also runs a charity shop on Köpmangatan 31.

Rädda barnen (Save the Children)

Rädda barnen  is a children's rights organisation. The organisation operates all round the world and is found in most municipalities in Sweden. Rädda barnen works towards ensuring that the children's needs, interests and rights are met.

Red Cross

Red Cross works toward improving the life and health of, and protecting, people in vulnerable situations. The organisation operates all round the world and is found in most municipalities in Sweden.

Studieförbundet vuxenskolan in Örebro

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (Study association's adult school) provides Swedish and civics as well as other study circles at refugee camps in the county.

The Swedish Church

The Swedish Church has, for a long time, worked actively in helping refugees and the newly arrived so that they can get a good start in Sweden. They provide free legal advice to refugees and asylum seekers. The Swedish Church is found all over the country and offers support and help on various issues.

Tjejjouren (Girls' shelter), Örebro

​At present, there are 60 girls' shelters in Sweden. Örebro tjejjour is a party-politically and religiously independent feminist association. Girls' shelter supports and strengthens young girls. Their work is based on the idea that men and women must live in an equal society.

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