Ragunda municipality is located in the eastern part of Jämtland. There are not more of us than each of one know one another to a large extent. This creates a feeling of security and closeness. We care about each other. The distance to decision-makers and societal services is short, and we hardly know what queues are.



In Ragunda, there are flats in our population centres Bispgården, Stugun and Hammarstrand. Ragunda Hyreshus is a municipal housing company that lets out flats, but there are also private landlords, such as Bispgårdens Bostäder AB and KA Driftteknik AB in Bispgården.

There are also opportunities to rent/buy single-family homes in and outside the population centres. These are often advertised via private advertising sites, such as Blocket and Hemnet.

Flygbild över Ragunda

Language groups in the locality

There are around 30 language groups represented in Ragunda municipality, among them Somali, Tigrinya, Arabic, Burmese, Spanish, Persian/Dari, Czech, Slovak and Dutch.

Associations and organisations

In beautiful Ragunda, there are plenty of leisure activities. An artificial grass pitch, various sports facilities, riding and trotting facilities, jogging tracks, slalom slopes, fine scooter tracks, skiing tracks, etc. If you want to learn more about outdoor living, there are fishing associations and scouts.

You can find more information on the municipality's website.

The range of culture is broad, and we have many active associations for all ages that contribute to a living countryside. Our culture school is one of the best in Sweden!

What is available in the immediate area

Food shops, restaurants, cafés and libraries can be found in our three population centres, Bispgården, Hammarstrand and Stugun. In Hammarstrand there are municipality offices, employment service, cinema, pharmacy, police station and several shops, including second-hand shops. The municipality's integration service has service offices in Bispgården and Hammarstrand.

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Information about all nursery schools in Ragunda can be found on Ragunda municipality's website. The municipality also has a family centre in Hammarstrand and open nursery school in Bispgården, which parents can attend together with their children.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are four comprehensive schools in Ragunda municipality, Hansåkersskolan for pre-school to year 9 in Stugun, Järåsskolan for pre-school to year 6 in Bispgården and Kullstaskolan for pre-school to year 5 and Anders-Olofskolan for years 6–9 in Hammarstrand.

Jämtlands gymnasium Bispgården (JGY) offers upper secondary teaching on the Electricity and Energy programme, Industrial Technology programme and Introductory programme with IM languages.

Education opportunities

There is adult education available in Bispgården at comprehensive and upper secondary level, as well as vocational training. There are also vocational training for professions such as welder and assistant nurse. Swedish for Immigrant teaching takes place in Hammarstrand.

Health and medical care

There are medical centres and dentist clinics in Hammarstrand and Stugun. Bispgården has a district nurse clinic. You can find more information on Jämtland county council's website.

Interpreter assistance

If you need an interpreter in your contacts with various public authorities, the municipality or the county council, this will be arranged.

Public transport

Ragunda municipality is located between Sundsvall and Östersund, halfway between the sea and the mountains, along the beautiful Indals path. From our main population centre of Hammarstrand, you are 110 km from Sundsvall and 100 km from Östersund, and also 70 km from Sollefteå. You can get to Ragunda by train or air to Östersund or Sundsvall, and continue by car or bus. On Länstrafiken Jämtland's website, you can find up-to-date bus timetables.

Work and entrepreneurship

Local business life in Ragunda rests on a stable basis of around 450 companies and organisations. Most of the companies are small and privately owned. Because the municipality operates on a small scale, our decision-making paths and handling times are short. Some of our larger companies are: Fors industrier, SCA Timber and Moderna försäkringar. Ragunda municipality as an organisation is a major employer within the municipality, particularly within schools and healthcare.

Vacant jobs

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

5 460

Size by area

2 511 km2

Distance to larger towns

Östersund 10 mil 

Sundsvall 11 mil

Municipality’s website

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