Gotland is Sweden’s largest island, and has around 57,000 inhabitants. Gotland has a lot to offer, such as a good learning environment for children, and a good selection of culture and leisure activities. Regardless of where on Gotland you are, you’ll have town, countryside, nature and sea close at hand. Communications to and from the island are good. Gotland is a popular place to visit, and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Welcome to move onto the island.




Gotland has many different types of homes, both in countryside villages and in the town of Visby.

Since Gotland is an attractive place to visit during the summer, many private landlords prefer long-term rentals during the autumn, winter and spring, and weekly rentals during the summer.

Many people want to live in Visby. So the chances of finding a year-round home are better elsewhere.

People who have been granted residence permits and who have been assigned to Gotland will get help with accommodation from Region Gotland. Information about housing for new arrivals.

Renting Accommodation

Municipal housing company GotlandsHem has rental properties across Gotland. You can register in their housing queue. Information about GotlandsHem’s rental properties.

There are also private landlords who rent out homes. Gotland has a Moving-In Agency, which has created a list of private landlords and their contact details. Information about the Moving-In Agency and private landlords.

Buying a Home

If you’re interested in buying a home, you can contact an estate agent. Information about estate agents can be found on the Moving-In Agency’s website or on Hemnet.


Language groups in the locality

There are many different language groups on the island. Among them are Arabic, Persian, Dari and Tigrinya.

Around 6 per cent of Gotland’s inhabitants have a foreign background. Around 17 per cent of Sweden’s total population have a foreign background.


Associations and organisations

Gotland is one of the Swedish counties with the most number of associations. There are 900 registered associations across the island. There are associations for sports, culture, politics, religion, children, young people, and old people. The associations run activities that are based on mutual interests, and create opportunities for participation.

There are sports associations from north to south, with their own facilities that increase sports opportunities wherever you live. Sports associations work to increase integration and create meeting points for people of all ages. Gotland boasts a variety of nature experiences, and there are exercise trails in naturally beautiful areas all over the island. Gotland has a unique sense of community because of its position as an island. Active associations provide identity and participation. You’ll find a register of associations, listing all associations on the island, on Region Gotland’s website.

Region Gotland’s contact person for questions about associations and organisations is Mona Eriksson, email:, phone: 0498 269695 


What is available in the immediate area

Visby has the most to offer in terms of services, shops, entertainment and so on. Smaller villages on the island also have various types of service.

Help for New Arrivals

Region Gotland’s integration unit has been tasked with giving new arrivals with residence permits opportunities to establish themselves in Gotland’s society. The integration unit is, for instance, responsible for societal orientation. The integration unit also has a support and service function called "Medborgarplatsen" ("Citizens’ Place"). All new arrivals with Swedish as their second language are welcome to Medborgarplatsen with practical questions. Medborgarplatsen is located in Visby. On certain days, the integration unit is also on site in Fårösund and Hemse. Information about the integration unit.


Visby has the biggest selection of shops. Visby has everything from grocery shops to clothes shops, electronics shops and second hand. Several grocery shops in Visby stock foods from other parts of the world. The bigger countryside villages, such as Hemse, Roma and Slite also have several different shops, grocery shops among them. A number of smaller countryside villages also have grocery shops.

Culture, Leisure and Meeting Points

Gotland is home to many study associations where you can learn more. There are also institutions such as Gotlandsmusiken (Gotland Music), Länsteatern (the County Theatre) and Länsmuseet (the County Museum), which enrich cultural life. There are many opportunities for song, dance, music and theatre through Gotland’s many free producers of culture and culture associations.
At the libraries, borrowing books, reading newspapers, borrowing computers, looking for information and asking questions is free. Language development activities, language cafes, children’s story time in several languages, books in easy-to-read Swedish, and language courses are also available. Through the libraries’ many activities, it’s possible to meet and socialise with others. There are libraries in many villages across the island. Information about libraries.

The youth recreation centres are important meeting points offering a large number of free activities for young people aged 13 – 19. Gotland is also home to many swimming pools for exercise and swimming practice. Information about youth recreation centres.

Volunteer organisations and networks are established in many villages. Many of them organise activities and run meeting points of different kinds. The Red Cross, for instance, runs meeting place "Kupan" in many villages.
Region Gotland’s contact person for questions about culture and leisure is Cecilia Herdenstam, email:, telephone: 0498 299060.



Children can attend nursery from the age of 1. The operation lays the foundation for life-long learning, and shall be fun, safe and educational for all participating children. There are nurseries across Gotland.

The child must have a residence permit to be entitled to a permanent place at nursery.

Children seeking asylum are entitled to 15 hours of nursery per week, free of charge, between September 1st and May 31st. The right to nursery applies from the autumn of the year in which the child turns 3, to when the child turns 5. Information about nurseries.

Open Preschool

Open preschool is a pedagogical operation that is open to adults who are staying at home with children aged 0 – 6. Operations are designed to suit children’s and adults’ needs. Visitors decide when and how often they want to participate. Information about open preschool.


Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Gotland offers a good learning environment of high quality, which creates conditions for life-long learning where the basic principle is that everyone shall have the opportunity to succeed.

Comprehensive Schools

All children in Sweden are entitled to attend school. The child will get a place at the school that is located nearest to home.

There are 35 comprehensive schools across Gotland. 30 of the schools are run by Region Gotland, and 5 are independent. In some of the comprehensive schools, there are international classes where students learn Swedish while studying all other school subjects. Information about comprehensive schools.

Upper Secondary Schools

Municipal upper secondary school Wisbygymnasiet and independent upper secondary school Guteskkolan are both located in Visby. At upper secondary school, new arrival and asylum-seeking students are offered language introduction, also called SPRINT. SPRINT is education with an emphasis on Swedish language. SPRINT also includes all the compulsory and upper secondary school subjects that the students will need to take to qualify for a national upper secondary school programme. Information about upper secondary schools.


Education opportunities

There are many opportunities to study on Gotland. To be able to study in Sweden, you need a residence permit.

Folk High School and Adult Education

Folk high school and municipal adult education provide both compulsory school and upper secondary school education, as well as courses with special vocational focuses. Information about folk high school and adult education.

University Education

There is one university on Gotland; Uppsala University's Campus Gotland. The university has many courses and education in various areas, such as biology, economics and programming. Information about university education.

Korta Vägen (Short Route)

Korta Vägen Visby is a preparatory labour market course aimed at academics with a foreign background who live on Gotland. It's run by Stockholm University. Information about Korta Vägen.

Swedish for Immigrants

Adults who have been granted residence permits, and who are registered as living on Gotland, can study Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) via Region Gotland.


Health and medical care

There are care centres across Gotland. This is where you should go, in the first instance, for advice about health care. If needed, the care centre can refer you on to the hospital.

There are dentist's surgeries in many different places on Gotland.

Visby has a modern hospital with broad medical competence.

You can get advice about health care and find your nearest care centre on or on phone number 1177. In urgent or life-threatening situations, call emergency number 112.

Information about health care on Gotland.


Interpreter assistance

If you don't understand or can't speak Swedish, you may be entitled to an interpreter when in contact with authorities. You can state that you need an interpreter when you book an appointment with the authority in question, such as a health care appointment.

An interpreter is a person who works with translating between different languages. The interpreter is bound by professional secrecy, which means that he/she may not give out information about you without your consent. Family and friends who translate are not interpreters, and are not bound by professional secrecy.

Information about interpreters.


Public transport

You can get to and from Gotland by ferry or plane. There are ferry connections between Visby and Nynäshamn and between Visby and Oskarshamn all year. There are also ferries between Visby and Västervik during the summer season. The ferries to Gotland take around 3 hours. This means that those living on Gotland can make day trips to the mainland.

The airport is located just outside Visby, and has direct flights to Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg all year. A flight to Stockholm takes around 40 minutes.

On Gotland, you can travel by public transport, car or taxi. Public transport is available on large parts of the island.

Information about ferry connections

Information about flight connections

Information about public transport


Work and entrepreneurship

Gotland has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship which is constantly producing and developing business ideas in a multitude of different industries. There are many small businesses on the island – around nine out of ten Gotland businesses have fewer than five employees.

Agriculture, stone, and food have long since been important industries on Gotland. Gotland’s food producers work with local produce, and the end products have a high quality.

Tourism is an important part of the growing service sector. The large number of visitors has meant that many businesses, jobs and summer jobs have come from this industry.

Information about Gotland’s trade and industry and business services.

Looking for Work

Arbetsförmedlingen’s task is to be responsible for the public employment service. They also have a coordinating responsibility for the establishment of certain new arrivals in the labour market. Arbetsförmedlingen has an office in Visby. Information about Arbetsförmedlingen and about looking for work.

Starting a Business

Do you want help with developing your idea and starting a business? Almi Företagspartner (Almi Business Partner) has been tasked, by Region Gotland, with supporting new entrepreneurs. Information about starting a business.

Establishing a Business

Do you already have a business that you want to establish on Gotland? Region Gotland’s company Inspiration Gotland has a business guide who can guide you when establishing a business. Information about the business guide.

Business Networks

Gotland is home to many local business associations and business networks. They give you the opportunity to make new contacts and exchange knowledge. Information about business networks.

Vacant jobs

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

ca 58 000

Size by area

3 140 km2

Distance to larger towns

Visby C – Stockholm C 189 km

Visby C – Malmö C 395 km

Visby C – Göteborg C 376 km

Municipality’s website


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