In Sandviken, a broad range of outdoors and cultural activities awaits you, in combination with low housing and living costs. All this, in an international atmosphere surrounding the high-technology engineering company Sandvik AB. In Sandviken municipality, the company employs more than 3,100 persons.



The major actor within the housing market in Sandviken is the municipal housing company Sandvikenhus. If you want to join Sandvikenhus' housing queue or get information about vacant flats, please go to the website.

Here you can also find private landlords and estate agents.

Language groups in the locality

The largest language groups in Sandviken are currently Arabic, Somali, Tigrinya, Kurmanji, Dari and Farsi.

Associations and organisations

Sandviken has a broad range of more than 400 associations.

What is available in the immediate area

The employment service is located in the centre of Sandviken, and the social insurance office, pension authority and tax authority also offer customer services on the same premises. The centre also has various types of shops, as well as banks, pharmacy, cinema, library and a popular swimming pool. The largest food shops are within walking distance of the centre.


Sandviken has two second hand shops with furniture and household goods. Around 15 minutes from Sandviken is Valbo shopping centre, which has a large range of shops, such as IKEA.

Sandviken's Integration Unit provides information and general services for persons born abroad. The visitor address is Björksätra centre. Telephone number to reception: 026-241715, 026-241760. The Integration Unit also has personnel able to speak Arabic, Tigrinya and Somali.


There are 26 nursery schools providing child day care in the municipality. There are also two family centres with open nursery schools and three units for educational care. The operation is characterised by security and good routines, laying the foundation for future learning.


Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Sandviken has eight compulsory comprehensive schools: Vallhovsskolan, Jernvallsskolan, Murgårdsskolan, Montessoriskolan, Sätraskolan, Söderskolan, Björksätraskolan.

Sandviken's two upper secondary schools are Bessemerskolan and Göransonska skolan.

Education opportunities

For adults wishing to study, there are many opportunities depending on what you are interested in and at what level you want to study. Examples are adult education, special adult education, Swedish for immigrants, further education, etc.


Health and medical care

If you need health and medical care, there are three medical centres in Sandviken:

The nearest accident and emergency centre is in Gävle, which is around 25 km from Sandviken.

Sandviken also has family centre/antenatal care centre.

If you need dental care, there is public dental care at Folktandvården and a number of private dental clinics in Sanviken municipality.

Interpreter assistance

If you do not speak or understand Swedish, you are entitled to help from an interpreter of your language when contacting public authorities. The Integration Unit in Sandviken has personnel that can speak Arabic, Somali and Tigrinya, as a large number of persons newly arrived in the municipality speak these languages.

Public transport

There is good public transport by both bus and train (X-trafik, SGS-bussen, Tåg i Bergslagen and SJ) to major cities, such as Gävle (20 min) and Stockholm (2 hours). Buses and trains leave from Sandviken travel centre.

Work and entrepreneurship

Sandviken is home to the high-technology engineering company Sandvik AB. The technology park Sandbacka Park houses just over 50 different companies within technology and computing/IT in particular, together employing 900 persons. Each day, almost 9,000 persons commute to and from work and schools in Sandviken. More people commute into Sandviken, 4,996, than out, 3,963 (figures from 2011).

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Extra serveringspersonal Servitör/Servitris
Lunch Kock Kock, à la carte
Vi söker två Trafikledare till VS & Perssons Bussar AB Trafikledare, vägtrafik
Vi söker två driftledare / bussförare till VS & Perssons Bussar AB Bussförare/Busschaufför
Lärare åk 4 , Västanbyns skola Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 4-6
Lärare , Västanbyns skola Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 1-3
Studie - och yrkesvägledare , Norrsätraskolan och Jernvallsskolan Studie- och yrkesvägledare
Sandvikens pastorat söker en driven och pedagogisk medarbetare Assistent i församlingsarbete
Kontorsbiträde Kontorsbiträde
Solid Round Tools Sales Driver Key account manager
Mekanikkonstruktör till IPCO i Sandviken Konstruktör, tillverkningsindustri
Ordinarie tjänst på 50% samt vikarier till Sandviken Personlig assistent
Teknisk Specialist Utesäljare
Head of Sales for Additive Manufacturing Försäljningschef
Rekryterare på Sandvik Rekryterare/Rekryteringskonsult
Behandlingsassistent Behandlingsassistent/Socialpedagog
Behandlingsansvarig Behandlingsassistent/Socialpedagog
Flödeschef till Raiseboring Produktionschef, tillverkning
Global Product Application Manager - Digital Pre - Machining Produktutvecklare
Global Product Application Manager - Component Features Produktutvecklare

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

38 000

Size by area

1 297 km2

Distance to larger towns

Gävle 25 km

Falun 70 km

Uppsala 120 km

Stockholm 190 km

Municipality’s website

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