Sävsjö municipality has a wide variety of services, a creative economy and is located in an environment of great natural beauty. Sävsjö is the small municipality in the heart of Småland.


Sävsjö kommun


Moving to Sävsjö is easy. There are all types of accommodation in Sävsjö municipality. The municipal accommodation company Sävebo is one of several accommodation companies in the municipality.

Language groups in the locality

In Sävsjö municipality there are residents who speak a variety of different languages aside from Swedish, for example Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinya, Thai, Dutch, English and Russian.​

Associations and organisations

There are a number of associations in Sävsjö municipality, in the association register there are 153 associations. For example, there are educational organisations, sports associations and different church organisations.

What is available in the immediate area

Sävsjö municipality has a lively centre. In the urban centre of Sävsjö itself there are three food shops, a number of smaller shops, a library and a job centre. There are two second-hand shops: Erikshjälpen and Röda korset.

Sävsjö municipality is located in the county of Jönköping. The municipality is currently in a very expansive stage. Attractive plots of land for building with a view over lakes mean that families have to join a queue to buy land and build their dream house here.

In tourist circles, Sävsjö municipality is best known for its unique churches, the ”Njudungskyrkorna” build in the 12th century. In the year 1600, Jonas Bronck emigrated from Sävsjö and founded the Bronx area of New York, something which is observed by the municipality. In Sävsjö it’s mostly about things on a small scale. It’s easy to get close to nature either by preferring to live by yourself in peace and quiet or together with others.


Sävsjö municipality has an open preschool and several other preschools. The aim of the municipality is that "all children create the best possible foundation on which to grow and develop".


Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

In Sävsjö municipality there are several comprehensive schools and an upper secondary school. The upper secondary school is in the urban area of Sävsjö itself and the preschools and comprehensive schools are located throughout the municipality. Sävsjö municipality has a private school (F-9) and an independent preschool. The municipality also has both municipal youth recreation centres and youth recreation centres run by associations.

Pupils who speak a language other than Swedish at home can receive tuition in their own language, so-called mother tongue tuition. The tuition helps the pupil to develop their language and learn more about their own culture.

Education opportunities

There are good opportunities in Sävsjö municipality to study as an adult. The municipality is situated between Växjö and Jönköping where a university and college respectively are located.

There are also different adult educational associations active in Sävsjö municipality. SFI are Komvux are provided at Aleholm training centre.

Sävsjö municipality is also involved with ”Högskolan Höglandet” which offers sought-after post upper secondary training.

Health and medical care

Sävsjö has its own welfare centre. Here you’ll find a women’s health clinic, a child health clinic and dental clinics. The nearest hospital and A&E department are located in Eksjö.

Interpreter assistance

Sävsjö municipality has access to interpreting services if these are necessary or required.

Public transport

It is easy to travel by public transport to and from Sävsjö. See SJ ​or Jönköpings länstrafik (JLT) for timetables.​​

Work and entrepreneurship

The basis of a good life is a creative and well-functioning economy. Sävsjö would be in quite a bad position were it not for its companies and shrewd entrepreneurs. It is the latter which are the hub of our prosperity. For this reason that Sävsjö municipality actively collaborates with other participants for a strong corporate climate where ideas and entrepreneurs can develop and grow. If you have a good idea, the municipality will provide you with support and help to realise your future as an entrepreneur.

In Sävsjö there are several companies involving the timber industry, sawmills and house building. Garages and the metalworking industry are also important employers.​​

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Personlig Assistent - Värnamo Personlig assistent
Fritidspedagog till Hägneskolan Lärare i fritidshem/Fritidspedagog
Sjuksköterska Sjuksköterska, psykiatrisk vård
TRÄINDUSTRIMEDARBETARE Maskinsnickare/Operatör, trävaruindustri
Vi söker Verkstadspersonal med rätt attityd Avsynare, metallprodukter
Verksamhetschef Verksamhetschef, hälso- och sjukvård
Ingen tidigare erfarenhet krävs / Säljare sökes till Sävsjö Utesäljare
Distriktschef Öst / Nejmobbning Eventsäljare/Eventförsäljare
Ambulanssjukvårdare semestervikariat Ambulanssjukvårdare
Ambulanssjukvårdare Ambulanssjukvårdare
Vill du ha en spännande tjänst som Verksamhetsutvecklare? Barnmorska
Överläkare / Specialistläkare Specialistläkare
Stödassistent till gruppbostad i Sävsjö Stödassistent
Vi söker erfarna svetsare! Svetsare, manuell
Vårdadministratör Läkarsekreterare/Vårdadmin/Medicinsk sekreterare
Ambulanssjuksköterska Ambulanssjuksköterska
Distriktssjuksköterska / Sjuksköterska Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Vi söker vår nya Sjuksköterska! Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Sjuksköterska / Sjuksköterska med specialfunktion Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Psykolog Psykolog

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Service map

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

10 953

Size by area

729 km2

Distance to larger towns

Stockholm 352 km 

Göteborg 224 km 

Jönköping 70 km

Municipality’s website​

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