Söderköping municipality lies on the coast of Östergötland and is just a short commuting distance to the university towns of Norrköping and Linköping. Half of the residents live in this idyllic town with strong roots in the Middle Ages. The other half lives in the surrounding countryside where there are many smaller urban settlements. The Göta canal flows through Söderköping and in summer time the canal docks are resplendent with restaurants, shops and Sweden’s largest glass restaurant, ”Smultronstället”. St Anna archipelago, one of Sweden's most beautiful stretches of coast with numerous islands, flourishes with many thousands of visitors and holidaymakers in the summer months. Several hundred live in the area the whole year round, many own small businesses serving the tourist and handicraft industries. Security, openness and consideration characterise our municipality. Welcome to our world!




The municipal company Ramunderstaden has a large selection of property to rent in the town and is also planning to build new properties during 2015. There are also several private landlords.

Language groups in the locality

Some of the major languages spoken by people born overseas who live in our municipality are Arabic, Dari, Somali, Tigrinya, Bosnian, Spanish, Thai, English and French.

Associations and organisations

On Söderköping municipality’s website you’ll find information regarding the different associations which exist covering sport, culture and other.​

What is available in the immediate area

The information office in Stinsen at the travel centre will assist you with various social contacts. You will also find Söderköping library here. The job centre is at Hagatorget. The special welfare office and refugee reception point is in Samverkanshuset. There are three second-hand shops in the town: Röda Korset, Bra Begagnat and Återvinningen.



Childcare is available throughout the community, both municipal and independent. Open preschools are provided at the Family Centre and through the Christian congregations.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

Comprehensive schools are located on the town and also in five smaller locations in the countryside. There is a Waldorf school in the town. The town also has an upper secondary school, Nyströmska School.

Education opportunities

Nyströmska School offers various upper secondary programmes and introductory language courses for young people, Komvux with comprehensive and upper secondary courses and vocational training at upper secondary level for adults, apprenticeship training, folk high school education, sfi and Introvux.

Health and medical care

Söderköping has a welfare centre run by the county council and a privately operated welfare centre by the name of Geria. National health dental care and many private dentists are available in the town.

A family centre with antenatal care, child healthcare and open preschools are provided at the county council’s welfare centre in collaboration with the municipality.​​

Interpreter assistance

Those who need interpreting help are entitled to be provided with this for visits to any Swedish authority.

Public transport

Östgötland public buses operate in the municipality and there are direct links to Valdemarsvik and Norrköping. From Norrköping it is easy to commute on a daily basis to Linköping and other towns.


Work and entrepreneurship

In Söderköping the municipality itself is the largest employer. There are also several smaller industries and companies here within the retail trade, food shops for example. In Norrköping there are many large companies and public institutions within a comfortable commuting distance.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Snabbkökspersonal till Söderköpings gästabud Grillkock, snabbmat
Tidnings - och Brevdistributör Omgående Tidningsbud/Tidningsdistributör
Administrativ fena sökes till internationellt bolag Orderadministratör
TES - planerare Administrativ assistent
Schemaläggare Administrativ assistent
Säljare till vår butik i Söderköping Butikssäljare, fackhandel
Lärare i tyska och annat ämne till Ramunderskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Textillärare till Ramunderskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Mjukvaruutvecklare sökes till Modine i Söderköping Mjukvaruutvecklare
Lärare i spanska och annat ämne till Ramunderskolan Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Timvikarie som stödassistenter till gruppbostäder i Söderköping Stödassistent
Lärare i fritidshem / fritidspedagog till Skönbergaskolan Lärare i fritidshem/Fritidspedagog
Vi söker dig sjuksköterska i Norrköping Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Kvalitets - och miljöchef Kvalitetschef
Socialsekreterare - ekonomiskt bistånd Socialsekreterare
Restaurangbiträde Restaurangbiträde
Maskinmekaniker - traktor , grävmaskin m m - till Söderköping Traktormekaniker
Förskollärare till Solängens förskola Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
Behandlare Behandlingsassistent/Socialpedagog
Förskollärare till Östra Ryds förskola Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare

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Service map

Here you can see which services are available in the municipality. You can also use the search field in the map to find and mark a location, for example a residential address.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

14 316 

Size by area

678 km2

Distance to larger towns

15 km till Norrköping

45 km till Linköping​

Municipality’s website

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