Sotenäs municipality lies on the outermost western seaboard of Sweden. Kungshamn is the central community, and other communities in the municipality include Smögen, Hunnebostrand, Bovallstrand and Bohus-Malmön. The Sotenäs isthmus has been a well-known holiday paradise since the early 20th century, where you can still enjoy the clean air and water in an exotic landscape of bare but invitingly rounded rocks.



Sotenäs municipality has various forms of accommodation, including flats, terraced and detached houses owned either by private or municipal housing companies. The municipal one is Sotenäsbostäder ​and has many flats to rent throughout the municipality.​

Language groups in the locality

There are many and varied language groups in Sotenäs, including Arabic, Spanish, Norwegian, Thai, Bosnian, German, Polish, Turkish, Lithuanian and Finnish.

Associations and organisations

Sotenäs municipality has a number of Christian communions and the Church of Sweden. There are also around 125 active organisations and associations. These cover a wide range, from sports clubs to interest groups, art/culture societies, pensioners’ organisation etc. Feel free to browse our association register.

What is available in the immediate area 

Sotenäs has the ordinary but important public services that a municipality has to have. These include Individual and family care, schools, recreation centres, a cinema and a library. Additionally, the Employment Service and the Social Insurance Agency are represented, along with banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, gyms, shops, restaurants and pizzerias. There are also two second-hand shops where you can buy furniture, household goods and clothes at good prices.​


Sotenäs municipality has good childcare. We can offer both open preschool and ordinary municipal preschool.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

The comprehensive schools are in Kungshamn, Smögen, Bovallstrand and Hunnebostrand. For the final three years of comprehensive school, all pupils attend Sotenässkolan in Kungshamn. We have a nationwide application policy for upper secondary education, meaning that pupils can apply to any upper secondary school in the country. Sotenäs does not have its own upper secondary school, and the nearest ones are in Lysekil and Uddevalla.​

Education opportunities

Municipal adult education is held at Kompetensce​ntrum in Kungshamn. They offer programmes and courses at various levels, from upper secondary to higher education. They also offer courses in Swedish for immigrants (Sfi).​

Health and medical care

We have two medical care centres, one in Kungshamn and one in Hunnebostrand. They are there for when you are ill or need advice and support. There is also a place where children and parents can meet, known as Familjecentralen Fyren, which has a paediatric centre, an obstetrics centre, open preschool and parent support services. Familjecentralen is run jointly by Sotenäs municipality and the medical care centres in Sotenäs and Kungshamn/Hunnebostrand.

The dental clinic is at the national dental health care centre in Kungshamn, where all are welcome to seek dental care. The nearest hospitals and emergency wards are in Uddevalla, Lysekil and Trollhättan.​​

Interpreter assistance

Interpreters can be arranged at all public authorities.

Public transport

Buses to and from Sotenäs municipality are run by Västtrafik.​

Work and entrepreneurship

The business community in Sotenäs is dominated by small companies in carpentry and building, trade and tourism. The municipality has a sizeable fish processing/refining industry which includes Abba Seafood AB, Leroy Smögen Sea and Domstein Food AB. Other employers include Sotenäs municipality, Llentab AB and AH-Automation AB.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Job headingProfession
Administratör till Marenor i Kungshamn! Inköpsassistent
Receptionist Hotellreceptionist
Planhandläggare / planarkitekt Planeringsarkitekt/Fysisk planerare
Miljöhandläggare Miljö- och hälsoskyddsinspektör
Miljöhandläggare inriktning livsmedel Livsmedelsinspektör
Behandlingsassistent Behandlingsassistent/Socialpedagog
Handledare Stödboende semestervikariat Vårdare/Arbetshandledare/Boendestödjare
Semestervikarier inom LSS Personlig assistent
Semestervikarier inom socialpsykiatrin Vårdare/Arbetshandledare/Boendestödjare
Produktionsledare till Orkla Foods i Kungshamn Produktionsledare, tillverkningsindustri
Semestervikarier – sjuksköterskor till hemsjukvården Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Frukostvärd / Frukostvärdinna Frukostvärd/Frukostvärdinna
Servicepersonal restaurang / butik Till Wägga Lantkök & Wägga Handel Servitör/Servitris
Servicepersonal grillbar Grillbiträde/Gatuköksbiträde
Kockar / pizzabagare Till Wägga Lantkök Kock, à la carte
Tandhygienist Tandhygienist
Cafébiträde / köksbiträde Smögen sommaren - 18 Grillbiträde/Gatuköksbiträde
Kallskänka / Kock Smögen , vår sommar och höst - 18 Kallskänka
Förskolechef Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
Elektriker / Elmontör Elmontör

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

9 000

Size by area

140 km2

Distance to larger towns

Uddevalla 60 km

Lysekil 50 km

Munkeldal 35 km

Trollhättan 100 km

Göteborg 150 km

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