Do you want to live in a lively and attractive rural municipality but still live near a big city? Then Tingsryd municipality is the one for you. Tingsryd is a multi-cultural community where we promote people coming together. Your children can grow up in a completely safe environment here and as parents you can be a part of a rich association life and an active economy. Good schools, welfare centres, chemists, banks and food shops stocking halal meat, libraries, job centres and businesses are all within walking distance. It is very practical, especially for those who don’t drive. For more information go to Tingsryd.se



In Tingsryd municipality, virtually everyone knows one another and this provides a certain sense of security. For obtain accommodation, it’s simply matter of applying to Stiftelsen kommunhus​ which owns hundreds of properties around the municipality. No matter how big your family is, there are flats with inexpensive rents. You can also check out Tingsryd’s private property owners.

If you want to buy a house or a farm, you can look here to find all the estate agents in Tingsryd municipality.

Hyreshus i Tingsryd

Language groups in the locality

Tingsryd’s municipality is a multi-cultural municipality with many nationalities. Apart from Swedes, the residents here include Syrians, Somalians, Germans, Afghans, Iraqis, Dutch, Iranians, Albanians, Russians, Norwegians, Danes, Serbians, Eritreans, Thais, Brits and Belgians. The municipality has for many years been a favourite place for Germans, Dutch and Danes.

Associations and organisations

To get involved in an association is a good way of making contact and making friends. If you are interested in sport, fishing, music or you are keen to meet other people, it is a good idea to join an association, you’ll find more information and contact details in the municipality’s association register.

For those of you wanting to go to church, you have a choice between the Church of Sweden and Söderport Church. There is also the mosque in Växjö, and it takes just over 30 minutes to get there by bus.

What is available in the immediate area

Civil office

Do you have any questions about schools or social care, or do you need help with filling in forms? We will help you! At the Civil Office in Tingsryd’s municipality​ there are competent and approachable staff who can answer all your questions. There you can meet an introduction coordinator who will help you with everything from enrolling for sfi to making contact with the regional social insurance office or Migration Board.

Meeting places

There are also various meeting places in Tingsryd’s municipality: Torgträffen in Ryd, Träffpunkt Urshult, Träffpunkt Tingsryd and Träffpunkt Konga. At these locations we offer help with Swedish for both children and adults. We have different activities which are aimed at all groups and ages.


You can buy food, clothes and furniture in different shops in the municipality. In certain ships you can also buy halal food. There are also second-hand shops such as Kupan, run by the Red Cross, Café Migori, run by the Church of Söderport, and Lions flea market where you can buy inexpensive and quality furniture, clothes and household appliances.


There are libraries in Tingsryd, Urshult, Ryd, Älmeboda, Linneryd, Väckelsång and Konga. You can read books or newspapers in the library itself or it is free to borrow them. If there is a book or newspaper which you need and is not available in the library then you can order it. Read more about Tingsryd’s libraries on the municipality’s website.


In Tingsryd municipality there will be schools and preschools near to you, which makes in an attractive place to live for families with young children. The aim of the preschools and schools in Tingsryd municipality is that there will be facilities in all seven parts of the municipality and that all parents are satisfied and feel involved. There is a service guarantee which means that you are guaranteed a place in a preschool/after-school recreation centre at the latest three months after submitting your application. Schooling is free and your children receive food and transport to school free of charge.

Vinkande skolbarn

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

There are seven municipal comprehensive schools in Tingsryd, Urshult, Ryd, Rävemåla, Linneryd, Konga, Väckelsång and Tingsryd. There your children can study Swedish and other subjects but also their mother tongue. For more information take a look at our comprehensive schools here.

In addition to seven comprehensive schools there is a municipal upper secondary school, Wasa School, with an international class for pupils who have recently settled in Sweden. There is also a special upper secondary school for pupils with functional impairment.

Tingsryd municipality also has the best and most modern music school in the whole country, AMB (Academy of Music and Business)​. Here, those who are passionate about music have the opportunity to study in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

Education opportunities

Learning centres

As a new arrival in Sweden, you can study Swedish for immigrants (sfi​) in a pleasant environment at learning centres​. Each class has a limited number of pupils which means that the teacher has more time for each of the students. An international school day is arranged every year, with the aim of spotlighting all cultures. At learning centres you can also study English, maths, physics, chemistry and or the healthcare or care provision programme.


If you want to go onto further education at college, you can study at Linné University in Växjö/Kalmar or at Blekinge Technical College.

Health and medical care

There are two welfare centres in Tingsryd municipality, one in Tingsryd and one in Ryd. Tingsryd has a newly built welfare centre when you arrange appointments with a doctor, dentist, midwife or nurse. You can choose whether to go the welfare centre in Ryd or the one in Tingsryd. If you are not able to get to the welfare centre due to illness, a doctor, nurse or midwife can visit you at your home instead.

Interpreter assistance

We work a lot with interpreters, often telephone interpreters. This means that this is someone who you don’t know and who undertakes to observe confidentiality. What you say will remain with those concerned. ​

Public transport

At Länstrafiken Kronoberg you can find details regarding access to and from Tingsryd municipality. There are also buses to Ronneby and Karlshamn. In order to reach Kalmar, Malmö or Stockholm, there are trains run by SJ.

Det finns många jobb inom tillverkningsindustrin i Tingsryd

Work and entrepreneurship

Tingsryd municipality​ itself is the largest employer. There are also many jobs with the manufacturing industry, and also within healthcare and medical care and social work. Here there are also internationally known brands such as Nelson Garden​, Hammarplast​, Börjes, Ryds Båt and Linders aluminiumbåtar​. For more information, please take a look at vacant jobs on the municipality’s website. ​

If you are an entrepreneur and want to start your own business, we will help you make your dream a reality. ​

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

12 156 

​Size by area

1 207 km2

Distance to larger towns

Växjö 44,6 km

Karlshamn 43 km

Ronneby 43 km​

Municipality’s website

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