Uppsala is located 38 minutes from Stockholm, and 18 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport – and is one of Sweden’s four major cities. Uppsala is known for its university and cultural history but there are also many companies here, both large and small, and a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Approximately 205,000 people live in Uppsala, three quarters live in the city and the rest in the swathes of countryside within the municipality. A fifth of the population are immigrants or have parents who moved to Sweden.


​​​​​Rosa slott i bakgrunden av en park


There is a severe lack of housing in Uppsala. The municipality does not have its own housing queue. The dwellings available for rent or sale are handled by housing companies and brokers. Upp​salahem with 15,000 dwellings is the largest landlord.

Language groups in the locality

There are many nationalities and language groups in Uppsala. The largest groups come from Iran, Finland, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Germany, China, Lebanon, Poland and Ethiopia.

Children and young people who have a mother tongue other than Swedish can receive mother tongue tuition in school. Mother tongue tuition is offered in more than forty different languages.​

Två killar åker skateboard utanför resecentrum i Uppsala

Associations and organisations

There are many associations in Uppsala – from sports clubs, cultural and leisure clubs to associations which provide support to the community. On the Föreningsrådet website there is contact details for 150 associations. The cooperation organisation for Invandrarföreningar i Uppsala (SIU) gathers together around 40 immigrant associations in the municipality. SIU also has its own radio channel which transmits in eleven languages. There is also a large number of churches and religious communions represented in Uppsala. 

What is available in the immediate area

Community services such as municipal information, employment provision, social services, social insurance offices and tax officers are located in Uppsala. In the centre there is a wide variety of shops and restaurants and on the outskirts there are many large markets. There is also a large number of second-hand stores where you can buy cheap clothes, household appliances and furniture.​


For children between the ages of 1 and 5 years in need of child care there preschools and family day nurseries.

In Uppsala there are both municipal and private preschools with different emphases. On the municipality’s e-service you can look at what's on offer and compare preschools.

There are also open preschools where people in parental leave can go with their child. Open preschools are a meeting place which offers a social community for both children and adults. The activities are led by educationally trained staff.

Comprehensive and upper secondary schools

In Uppsala there area around 70 comprehensive schools and 25 upper secondary schools. There are both private and municipal schools. The schools offer different profiles and emphases. In Uppsala, parents must actively choose the comprehensive school they want their child to attend. They can look at what’s on offer and read more about the schools on the municipality’s e-service. You can also read more about the choice of comprehensive schools and upper secondary schools on Uppsala municipality’s website.

Education opportunities

Uppsala is a city of knowledge. There are two major universities here, Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. At Navet utbildning there is sfi advice surgeries where you have the opportunity to take level tests for those who are going to read Swedish, English and mathematics. At Navet utbildning you can also obtain guidance regarding which training or which support suits you best. This can be komvux, folk high school, high school or support in receiving help with reading and writing difficulties.

Health and medical care

The county council in Uppsala county has a special welfare centre which is called Cosmos which offers healthcare and nursing care for asylum seekers. At 1177 Vårdguiden you can ask questions and get advice and find a collection of information regarding healthcare and nursing care in Uppsala. You can either visit the website www.1177.se or ring 1177. You can also visit the website of the county council in Uppsala.

Interpreter assistance

You are entitled to interpreting assistance for any contact with the authorities if you do not speak or understand Swedish.​

Public transport

Travelling to Uppsala is easy by train with a journey time of just 35 minutes from Stockholm and 18 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. In Uppsala you can travel with Uppland's public transport, primarily by bus. Many buses leave from the travel centre in the centre of the city, travelling in all directions. Read more at:​

Uppland’s public transport

Transport in Mälardalen​​

Människor på perrong väntar på att gå på Upptåget / Stor publik i lokal

Work and entrepreneurship

The largest employers are found within the university, the municipality and the county council. There are also employers in the shape of 17,000 companies, many of whom offer services. IT, garages, medicines, foodstuffs and the graphic industry are the major industries. Trade and distribution also play an important role.

Outside Uppsala, Arlanda airport is the biggest employer. Many residents of Uppsala also commute to work in Stockholm or other nearby cities such as Västerås and Gävle.


Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the municipality and the surrounding area.

Write in any word to filter the list
Job headingProfession
Koordinerande ärendehanterare till statligt bolag inom energibranschen Gruppledare för kontorspersonal
Quality Control söker en Chef Laboratoriechef
Canal Digitals främsta säljbyrå söker nya medarbetare! Innesäljare
Postdoktor: Modellering av vedsvampars samhällsdynamik Ekolog
Resandesäljare till Com Hem projekt sökes! Eventsäljare/Eventförsäljare
Undersköterskor till Tavastehus , Uppsala Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Lärare i engelska Lärare i gymnasiet - yrkesämnen
Rektor till Sunnerstaskolan Rektor
Vi söker studenter för extraarbete som visningsvärd Fastighetsmäklarassistent
Processmedarbetare Montering Lagerarbetare
Timvikarier till gruppbostäder i Uppsala Vårdare/Arbetshandledare/Boendestödjare
Forskare Psykolog
ST - studierektor / ST - läkarchef till Kvinnosjukvården Specialistläkare
Segmentschef Avfuktning Affärsområdeschef
Ekonomiassistent med driv Ekonomiassistent
Specialpedagog Specialpedagog
Utesäljare Utesäljare
Undersköterskor som vill göra skillnad Undersköterska, hemtjänst och äldreboende
Servispersonal sökes Servitör/Servitris
Platschef Platschef, bygg

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Facts about the municipality

Population numbers

205 199

Size by area

2 183 km2

Distance to larger towns

Stockholm 71 km

Göteborg 458 km

Malmö 685 km

Municipality’s website

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