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​Uppsala county is one of Sweden's fastest growing counties. The largest city is the county town of Uppsala, where more than 200,000 of the county's 345,000 inhabitants live. The natural landscape is varied, and includes everything from deep forests to archipelago environments. The county has just over 250 lakes and the archipelago has 11,300 islands. Uppsala county is part of the Stockholm labour market region, and it only takes 40 minutes to travel by train between Uppsala and the centre of Stockholm.


Housing situation

Uppsala is a popular county to live in and the population is constantly growing. The county is relatively small, with good communications and closeness to most things. There is a lack of housing in the county, but at the same time lots of new housing is being built in several areas. The municipalities' work on satisfying the need for housing is seen as important, and there is regional collaboration to promote house building.

Business and employers

Some of the largest  employers in the county are the municipalities, Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and the county council. The Defence Forces and and the industrial supplier Sandvik Coromant AB in Gimo are other large employers. There are also many small companies that are expanding, particularly within the service sector.

Schools and education

The city of Uppsala is an old university town with many traditions, and is the home of two of Sweden's most prominent universities, Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The universities carry out both teaching and research of world classThere are also several vocational further education institutions, such as Enköping Vocational College.

Medical care

The county council is responsible for healthcare in the county. In Uppsala municipality, there is the Akademiska hospital, one of Sweden's largest hospitals, and there is also a hospital in Enköping municipality. There are 51 medical centres throughout the county. Healthcare and dental care are also the responsibility of the county council.

Culture and leisure

The city of Uppsala offers a broad range of cultural events, with theatres, museums, concerts and festivals. Each municipality also offer a broad range of associations and leisure activities. Each municipality has open-air recreation areas. There are plenty of visitor attractions in various nature areas throughout the county, for example in the archipelago.

Associations and organisations – civil society

The county has lots of different associations, such as cultural associations, sports clubs, ethnic associations, faiths, and aid organisations, etc The county administrative board has started work on highlighting not-for-profit activities in the reception of new arrivals with the aim of getting more powers from the associations to collaborate with the public sector within the area of integrationAn important aspect is that participation in associations can contribute to people feeling more welcome as new arrivals, and provides the chance of making new contacts.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the county and in the surrounding counties.

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Job headingProfession
Frisörer till Uppsala Frisör
Product Manager (Uppsala , Sweden) Anbudsansvarig/ Bid Manager
Studerande brevbärare under en månad Brevbärare
Sjuksköterska / specialistsjuksköterska Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Butikssäljare Circle K Knivsta natt vik 80% Bensinstationsbiträde/Servicebiträde
Vi söker en städare! Städare/Lokalvårdare
Packeterare Stora Risten Fisk i Öregrund Färdigmatlagare
Idrottslärare Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 4-6
Kassasäljare Deltid XXL Sport & Vildmark Butikssäljare, fackhandel
Sjuksköterska till gynekologisk / kirurgisk avdelning Sjuksköterska, grundutbildad
Försvarsmakten söker SAP applikationsexperter Applikationskonsult
Undersköterska till BFC Undersköterska, vård- o specialavd. o mottagning
Utredare / utvecklare Handläggare/Utredare, offentlig förvaltning
Lärare Musik Kunskapsskolan Enköping Lärare i praktiska och estetiska ämnen
Lärare i idrott och hälsa Kunskapsskolan Enköping Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Slöjd - eller bildlärare Kunskapsskolan Enköping Lärare i praktiska och estetiska ämnen
Specialist i allmänmedicin till Valsta vårdcentral i Märsta Specialistläkare
Lärare i SO Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 7-9
Larm och säkerhetstekniker Drifttekniker, data

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Here you will find information on associations and organisations in the county.

All Sweden shall live, Uppsala County

All Sweden shall live, Uppsala county is a party-politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation, which is linked to the national organisation, Hela Sverige ska leva (All Sweden shall live). The association has its headquarters in Uppsala.

The purpose is to strengthen local development groups and other members in their work with local development, rural development and social economy for all Sweden to live by creating networks, initiating projects, and where necessary, implementing educational efforts.

All Sweden shall live, Uppsala County, shall work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to stimulate an exchange of experiences, leave good examples, build opinions as well as influence politics.

All Sweden shall live, Uppsala County, works on the basis of the fundamental values democracy, diversity and equality and for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable development.

Collaboration group for Immigrant associations in Uppsala, SIU

SIU is a non-profit organisation, which is party-politically and religiously independent. SIU was formed in 1986 and has about 40 member associations today. SIU is a member of Sweden's associations.

Main responsibilities

  • To function as a collaboration group for the member associations in Uppsala municipality.
  • To raise immigrant and minority issues and implement projects that are common to the member associations.
  • To work for an integrated society.
  • To be a referral body in immigrant issues.
  • To transmit SIU's radio program RIU 98.9 FM.
Fredens hus

Fredens Hus offers exhibitions on, among other things, abuse, human rights and the Swedish peace personalities Dag Hammarskjöld, Folke Bernadotte and Raoul Wallenberg. Apart from the exhibitions, Fredens Hus organises educational school activities and recreational activities for youth to work with issues concerning prejudices, racism, discrimination and violence. For more information, refer to the section, School activity, on the homepage.

The association is a politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation which was formed in 2003. Its objective is to, as a tribute to Dag Hammarskjöld, run Fredens Hus in Uppsala castle as well as compile and communicate knowledge on peace issues. The organisation should, with suitable educational methods, describe and discuss national and international peace work in a broad perspective. An important target group is the youth.

Individuell människohjälp - Uppsala

In Sweden, the IM (Individuell människohjälp) works toward making visible the existence of, and strengthening the voice of, people who are in exclusion. Racism, discrimination and lack of efforts for the newly arrived render the foreign-born particularly vulnerable and they end up in isolation. Unemployment among the foreign-borns is much higher than those born in Sweden.

In Sweden, IM focuses on integration and engagement. We want to increase people's ability to be included in the society and want to simultaneously combat exclusion structures. Our work is about interactions between people. IM believes in a strong civil society and therefore encourages volunteer engagement.


NybyVision is an organisation in Uppsala with focus on integration and work life.

Comprehensive goals for our work on mutual integration are:

  • to be a platform for dialogue and understanding for the multi-cultural society
  • to be a centre for cultural meetings with a culturally oriented perspective on integration.
  • to provide an increased sense of comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness to participants in our organisation, as well as develop possibilities and desire for active participation in the society.

The foundation for all activities at NybyVision is the passion to develop social togetherness and feeling of coherence and thereby create prerequisites for mutual integration in the society.

Target groups for our activities are:

  • Job seekers with immigrant backgrounds
  • People in need of language development, job training or other employment
  • Asylum seekers
Rädda barnen (Save the children)

The local association of Rädda barnen, had during the activity year 2012-2013, worked with a number of projects on children’s vulnerability and child abuse in Uppsala County.

The work was organised around four seminars, which discussed violence, bullying, child poverty and child labour. A number of people from various child-related organisations in Uppsala participated in the seminars.

The local association provides economic support to:

  • Unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors 
  • Schools for children with intellectual disabilities and resource schools
  • Children with special needs, in collaboration with the Academic Hospital (Akademiska Sjukhuset)
  • Different family centres, with the help of donations
  • Café Genomfarten – an open and drug-free gathering place for the youth.
Red Cross

​If you want to meet new people and work as a volunteer along with others, the Red Cross offers you a number of opportunities. You will, apart from making an effort toward making the world a better place, get an opportunity to participate in the different courses to increase your competence in the activity you want to engage in. At the same time, you will be a part of the world's biggest humanitarian aid network.

Tamam, Uppsala

Tamam is a party-politically and religiously independent organisation, which works on organising activities for children and young people to promote integration and diversity and develop the youth's social engagement.

Tamam in Uppsala offers help with homework on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. Tamam has activities and projects throughout the Uppsala region; we get together and organise camps.

The Swedish Church

More and more people from war and conflict-affected areas are now fleeing to Europe. The Swedish Church is located along the refugee road. We have competence in supporting people in crisis situations, creating good relations and meaningful activities, and focus especially on children's rights and women's rights.

The Swedish Church offers the new arrivals in Sweden, help on solving everyday problems, opportunities for spiritual guidance, psychosocial support and provides meaningful contexts. The church also conducts outreach activities, for instance, at the refugee camps and at the Migration Agency's centres.

Legal consultation to individuals is given above all, through the Advisory bureau for refugees and asylum seekers that the Swedish Church operates along with Amnesty, Caritas, Rädda barnen and the free Church Council of Sweden.


TRIS is a party-politically and religiously independent non-profit organisation that works against honour-related violence and oppression. We meet young women but also men who are vulnerable to or are at the risk of being vulnerable to honour-related oppression and violence. We have special expertise in meeting young people who are at the risk of honour-related violence and oppression, and those who have an intellectual disability.

TRIS primarily works with a broad preventive anchoring work to increase knowledge about young women who are victims of or at the risk of honour-related violence and oppression. TRIS also brings to notice the situation of young men, who in the name of honour, are forced to commit threat and violence against the family or related female members.

Uppland Sports federation

​Upplands Idrottsförbund (Uppland Sports Federation) is the National Sports Federation's regional organisation in Uppland. Our mission is to support, represent and lead the district's sports.

The Uppland Sports federation represents Uppland sports in its contact with authorities and sports organisations and we court the society's decision makers in our capacity as opinion builders in sports-related matters.

The Uppland Sports federation shall:

  • work towards and convey the message about the sports' basic values according to the sports Idea program Sports Wants to
  • raise the main development issues for sports, to create prerequisites for a well-functioning sport in Uppland.
  • demonstrate the social benefit of sports and significance to the health of people and youth's living conditions.
  • defend the people movement idea.
  • provide the Special sports district federation (SDF) and sports associations requested support and service.
Uppsala city mission

Uppsala Stadsmission (Uppsala city mission) supports and helps people who are in vulnerable life situations. We have several meeting places and organisations in Uppsala where we work toward creating relationships and providing contexts.

Uppsala stadsmission is a non-profit organisation, which helps unaccompanied mothers who are unable to manage their day to day activities, abused women in need of therapy, elders who live alone, the young Rumanian couple in need of food and heating, newly arrived women looking to find a way in society, as well as all men and women who live in homelessness and abuse.

We offer open meeting places, individual support, work training and social entrepreneurship as well as activities to women. We refurbish and develop our activities on the basis of the existing needs and available resources. We work toward both long term goals and tend to emergency requirements. We want people to regain control over their lives, feel hope and life satisfaction as well as a belonging to the society.

Uppsala County's educational association

Uppsala Läns Bildningsförbund - ULB (Uppsala County's educational association) is a common meeting place for public education in Uppsala County. Here, all public education organisations gather for cooperation, exchange of experience and development work.

Our member organisations are the county's study association, folk high schools and the county library. ULB is a regional knowledge and communication centre and its main task is to:

  • Enhance the prerequisites for a qualitative and successful public education work.
  • Create respect for the cultural, democratic and public health work, which an active public education entails and contributes to, in the society.
  • Make public education visible and legible by bringing out its results.
Volontärbyrån (Volunteer bureau)

Volontärbyrån helps people and non-profit organisations to find each other. We do this by communicating tasks to the non-profit organitions and by training and supporting associations on matters of non-profit engagement.

Volontärbyrån is a non-profit organisation within the interest organisation Forum, idea-rich organisations with a social focus. The forum works to, among other things, make the civil society visible as a central part of the social development, for democracy as well as welfare.

For us at Volontärbyrån, non-profit engagement is more than giving. People who engage as volunteers also get a lot in return, such as an outlet for theirs interests and a chance for personal development. Non-profit engagement also creates solidarity among us humans. It makes us feel better and involved in the social community.

Engagement in non-profit organisations moreover provides a voice to people in the society and thereby a possibility to influence social development.

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