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Welcome to Västerbotten, the county that extends from the flat and rocky Bottenvik coast through the agricultural landscape, river valleys and deep forests amidst the county up to the mountain range at the Norwegian border. Västerbotten is the second biggest county in Sweden. The county has 15 municipalities: Bjurholm, Dorotea, Lycksele, Nordmaling, Malå, Norsjö, Robertsfors, Skellefteå, Sorsele, Storuman, Umeå, Vilhelmina, Vindeln, Vännäs and Åsele. About 263,000 residents live here. The Bjurholm municipality is a Swedish municipality with least number of residents, and Umeå is a residence city.


Housing situation

There are clear differences within the county with respect to housing. Some municipalities have a housing surplus whereas other municipalities have a scarcity of housing both within and outside the regional centre. With an aging population, there is also a need to adapt the accommodation. In Umeå, the population is increasing and it is difficult to get accommodation since the demand is more than the supply. At the same time, Umeå aims to increase the number of residents; hence, a lot of construction is in progress.

Business and employers

Västerbotten houses several different types of companies. Municipalities and the county council are the biggest employers with projects in healthcare, provision and communications. Umeå University, Volvo Trucks and Boliden Mineral are other big employers.

Schools and education

There are two universities in Västerbotten. The Umeå University is undefeatedly the biggest with 37,000 students and education in most sectors. Umeå also has Sweden's Agricultural University (SLU) as well as university colleges of design, architecture, business, sports and arts. It is possible to educate onself in wood and technology; fields that belong to the Luleå Technical University.

Medical care

There are three hospitals in Västerbotten: Norrlands University hospital which is located in Umeå, Lycksele hospital and Skellefteå hospital. There are different clinics, departments and businesses within the hospital. The county has 32 health centres. Each municipality has at least one health centre. Most of them are run by the County Council but some are also run by private healthcare providers.

Culture and leisure

Västerbotten is rich in culture and there are great opportunities for active leisure. There are interesting natural and cultural environments and famous attractions. The Västerbotten county also houses several natural reserves. Here is Europe's biggest nature reserve Vindelfjällen and here you will find the national river Vindelälven. Västerbotten also has many sports associations which enable people of all ages to participate in sports or keep fit. The county also houses theaters and museums and each municipality has much frequented libraries.

Associations and organisations – civil society

The new Swedes and their integration in society today is an important part of the county administrative board's and the municipalities' responsibilities. Immigration is the engine of the county's population growth. Along with the idea-rich organisations, businesses, municipalities and county council, the county administrative board works toward receiving the newly arrived in a dignified, legal and humane manner.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the county and in the surrounding counties.

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Here you will find information on associations and organisations in the county.

ABF Mitt i Lappland

ABF is Sweden's biggest adult educational association, offering study circles, courses, lectures and cultural events. It arranges e g meeting venues, language support initiatives and language training at several locations in Västerbotten.

ABF Skellefteå

​​ABF is Sweden's biggest adult educational association, offering study circles, courses, lectures and cultural events. It arranges e g meeting venues, language support initiatives and language training at several locations in Västerbotten.

Read more about ABF Skellefteå

ABF Umeåregionen

​​ABF is Sweden's biggest adult educational association, offering study circles, courses, lectures and cultural events. It arranges e g meeting venues, language support initiatives and language training at several locations in Västerbotten.

Read more about ABF Umeå region

Byske Språkcafé

The Church of Sweden in Byske runs a language café where people can meet, have coffee and practice speaking Swedish.

Read more about Byske Språkcafé

Café Hörnan

A place to meet for everyone who likes to have a cup of coffee or just socialise. Hörnan also offers a language café, civic information, social activities and study visits.

Read more about Café Hörnan


Frälsningsarmén (the Salvation Army) is present in around 90 towns/municipalities with 196 activities, which include group activities for all ages. Types of activities include Swedish lessons and language cafés.
Read more about Frälsningsarmén

Individuell Människohjälp Umeå

Individuell Människohjälp (IM) is a development organisation founded in 1938 and active today in many countries around the world. In Sweden its focus is on the mobilisation of civil society and integration. IM Umeå offers language cafés and social activities, among other things. 

Read more about Individuell Människohjälp Umeå

Lövånger Center For Integration

The centre in Lövånger serves as a hub for integration. People can meet here to take part in a language café, receive civics information, attend a computer course etc.

Read more about Lövånger Center For Integration.
Lövånger Center For Integrations Facebooksida.

Mångkulturellt Forum

​A non-profit association that works to promote diversity in society. Activities include a language café.

Read more about Mångkulturellt Forum.

Marongas Hörna

At Marongas Hörna you can play parlour games, have coffee, chat, or give away things you don't need. Dropping in here of an afternoon to take a break from everyday stresses can put you in a better mood.

Read more about Marongas Hörna.

Medborgarskolan Region Nord

Medborgarskolan - a humanistic adult education association that puts the will to learn first - is active in many of Västerbotten's municipalities, with an offering that includes Swedish lessons, swimming lessons, housing school and various women's groups.

Read more about Medborgarskolan Region Nord.


​MigrantMammor offers an open meeting venue for women in Skellefteå. All women are welcome, with or without children and regardless of age, nationality or faith.

Read more about Migrantmammor.

Missionskyrkan Vännäs

​The Mission Covenant Church in Vännäs offers language cafés and choral singing.

Read more about Missionskyrkan.

Mötesplats Jörn

​A meeting venue with women's groups, grammar practice, children's activities, computer courses, language training, homework help etc.

Read more about Mötesplats Jörn.

NBV Norr

​NBV - Nykterhetsrörelsens bildningsverksamhet (the Temperance movement's adult education activities) is Sweden's oldest adult educational association. NBV works on issues such as alcohol and other drugs, public health and integration. NBV is present across the country and offers study circles, courses, lectures an cultural events. In Västerbotten the main activity is language training.

Read more about NBV Norr.

Save the Children

​Save the Children (Rädda Barnen) is a children's rights organisation that works to safeguard the rights of all children. Rädda Barnen's work is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Besides offering support and activities for unaccompanied children, it also provides parent support, discussion groups, Swedish lessons and civic information.

Read more about Save the Children

Svenska med Baby - Umeå

​Svenska med baby (Swedish with baby) creates meeting venues for children and parents from different residential areas - and with roots in all different parts of the world. Together we break segregation, build new bridges and practice Swedish.

Read more about Svenska med Baby - Umeå.

Tärna IK Fjällvinden

Tärna IK Fjällvinden in Tärnaby is Sweden's, and perhaps the world's, most successful alpine skiing club ever. Sports are arranged here as a forum for integration, for young and old alike.

Read more about Tärna IK Fjällvinden.

Vän i Umeå

​Vän i Umeå (Friend in Umeå) is an initiative to help create contact between Swedes and immigrants. The network is open to all who are interested, and can match you with a person or a family that you will get to know.

Read more about Vän i Umeå.

Vän i Vindeln

​Vän i Vindeln (Friend in Vindeln) is aimed at facilitating social integration, creating meeting venues, building bridges between people and creating an inclusive society.

Read more about Vän i Vindeln.

Västerbottens Idrottsförbund

​Västerbottens Idrottsförbund is a sports federation with a mission to represent, support and coordinate sports activities in the county. The federation also works to promote integration of asylum seekers and new arrivals, regardless of age or gender, so that they become a part of Swedish society through various forms of sports activity.

Read more about Västerbottens Idrottsförbund.

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