Västra Götalands län

Västra Götaland is an extremely varied county. Here you’ll find agricultural land, forests, lakes, large towns and sparsely populated areas. There are also many islands off the west coast of the county. There are 49 municipalities and just over 1.6 million people live in Västra Götaland. Approximately 600,000 of these live in the area around Gothenburg.


Housing situation

There is a lack of accommodation to rent in almost all the county's municipalities. There are plans to build many new properties, but these are not being built as quickly as the queue for accommodation is growing. It therefore takes a long time to get the type of accommodation desired and many people have to use temporary solutions. Accommodation to rent in Gothenburg and the surrounding areas.

Business and employers

The region of Västra Götaland is the largest employer in the county. Here, employees work in areas such as healthcare and medical care, trade and industry, culture and the environment. The Västra Götaland region is responsible for public transport and tourism. Read more about public transport on Västtrafik's website and about tourism on Västsverige's website. Gothenburg city has many employees within the school system, childcare and administration, amongst other areas. The largest private employer is Volvo Personvagnar AB, which has manufacturing facilities at many locations in the county.

Schools and education

There are several universities and colleges in Västra Götaland. Gothenburg University, which is the largest in the county, has 37,000 students and almost 6,000 employees. Gothenburg also has Chalmers College with a selection of technical courses. In Borås there are courses offered in, for example, information science and textiles. In Skövde there are courses in, amongst others, the development of computer games and nursing. In Trollhättan, the college's emphasis is aimed at ensuring many of the training courses are partially implemented at different work places.

Medical care

If you have common ailments, injuries or complaints, you should go to the local welfare centres. You can also get help and support here regarding improving your health. Good help in different languages. In Västra Götaland there are 18 hospitals offering specialist medical care. If you are seriously ill you should ring 112. For dental care you can also get help in various languages.

Culture and leisure

There is much culture to experience in various forms in Västra Götaland. You'll find here theatres, orchestras, museums and a popular library amongst other things. You can borrow books free of charge from the library. The population in the county, and in Sweden as a whole, are often active in an association in their spare time. Membership of a trade union, sports association or a housing association is commonplace. Everyone is welcome to stay free of charge in the countryside, in forests, by the sea or by a lake. Common law covers what is permitted in the countryside.

Associations and organisations – civil society

There is a large number of associations, organisations, churches and religious communities in Västra Götaland county which work actively with refugee and integration issues. They run a number of different activities so that people are happy and feel a part of Swedish society. For example, they arrange meeting places, language cafés, Swedish tuition, help with homework and sports, cultural and leisure activities. Some also provide medical care and legal advice.

Some of the associations and organisations in the county can be found in the introduction to the presentation under the Organisations tab. You can also find lists on the Immigrant Institute's website. On the municipalities' own websites you will also find an association register where you can see which associations and organisations are active in the respective municipality.

Vacant jobs

Here you can see jobs that are vacant right now in the county and in the surrounding counties.

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Job headingProfession
Vi söker en Account Manager inom SEO Account manager
Specialistläkare till nytt mobilt närsjukvårdsteam i NU - sjukvården! Specialistläkare
Kundtjänstmedarbetare till Telia Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Kundtjänstmedarbetare sökes till spännande och välkänt företag! Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Inköpsassistent sökes omgående till postorderföretag i Borås Inköpsassistent
Samordnare till Skoftebyskolans servicelag Skolmåltidsföreståndare
Vill du jobba inom kundtjänst eller support i Göteborg? Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Manpower söker en handläggare till Högskolan Väst Administrativ assistent
Arbetsledande kock till Strömkarlens kök Kock, storhushåll
Vi söker rörläggare / anläggare! Väg-och anläggningsarbetare
Real Estate Coordinator för uppdrag hos global kund i Göteborg! Fastighetsassistent
Lediga extrajobb som containerlossare i Viared , Borås! Lagerarbetare
Semper i Götene söker flera tjänster Produktionstekniker, maskin/verkstad
Kundtjänst på heltid till läkemedelsföretag Kundtjänstmedarbetare
Software Developer at an international company Mjukvaruutvecklare
Lärare till åk 4 - 6 på Björlandagården Lärare i grundskolan, årskurs 4-6
Statens institutionsstyrelse , SiS , söker en vikarierande administratör till Administrativ assistent
Uniflex söker dig som är arbetsam Blästrare
Förskollärare till Lundby Lärare i förskola/Förskollärare
Handläggare sökes till kund inom utbildningssektorn i Trollhättan Utbildningshandläggare

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Here you will find information on associations and organisations in the county.

Adults in Learning at libraries

Libraries are places where everyone should feel welcome. If you are an adult who is interested in starting to study, if you are an adult education student or simply want to pursue studies on your own, there is a project known as Adults in Learning (Vuxna i Lärande, or ViL). In participating libraries you can:

• get tips for finding information on the internet and in the library
• receive support in getting started with your studies
• use a computer for your studies during two hours
• do internet and database searches
• borrow and read coursebooks
• meet other students
• have a tranquil atmosphere for studies

Libraries participating in the project also offer basic computer courses, language cafés and homework help.

Caritas Angered

Caritas is the Catholic Church's organisation for social work in Sweden. Caritas works for social justice and the equal rights and worth of all people. The organisation is open to all, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. Through Frivilligcentralen in Hjällbo/Angered, Caritas runs a number of different activities such as support and help in the asylum process, support counselling under professional secrecy, Swedish language practice, helplines for women, homework help and internships.

Friends of the Biskopsgården Library

In collaboration with Biskopsgården Library in Gothenburg, the Friends of the Biskopsgården Library association organises many different activities and courses at Biskopsgården Library. Everyone is welcome, and all courses are free of charge.

Göteborgs FöreningsCenter

Göteborgs FöreningsCenter (Gothenburg's associations centre) is venue and a development centre for social volunteer work, intended for member organisations as well as for individual volunteers. Göteborgs FöreningsCenter seeks to achieve increased collaboration between volunteer organisations, but also between the municipality and volunteers' social engagement in Gothenburg and the surrounding area.

Göteborgs FöreningsCenter has an ongoing project called Vägvisare (Guide), supported by Region Västra Götaland. The aim of the project is to bring Swedes and new arrivals together in encounters where they can exchange knowledge and culture, and thereby to give new arrivals an opportunity to improve their knowledge of Swedish. These encounters have to be mutual, and lead to increased understanding of the participants for each other.

Göteborgsregionens Sociala Ekonomi

​​The purpose of Göteborgsregionens Sociala Ekonomi (Social Economy of the Göteborg Region) is to promote the economic interests of its members by strengthening the social economy of the Gothenburg region.

Gothenburg's Human Rights Center - against discrimination

Gothenburg's Human Rights Center - against discrimination is an anti-discrimination agency for west Sweden. They work for the fair treatment of all people and for the end of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, functionality or age. Gothenburg's Human Rights Center helps people who have been subjected to discrimination obtain redress. Individuals who feel that they have been discriminated can receive free legal counselling here. Staff at Gothenburg's Human Rights Center are bound by professional secrecy, and you can also choose to remain completely anonymous. An interpreter can also be booked if you need one.

Individuell Människohjälp Göteborg

Individuell Människohjälp is a Swedish development organisation fighting and exposing poverty and exclusion. It is active in several countries, and in Sweden its work is focused on integration and participation in society. A number of different activities are conducted at several different locations in Sweden. From its regional office in Gothenburg, the organisation runs e g the activities Barn i väntan (Children waiting) and Barn i start (Children starting). These activities are directed at children who are waiting for residence permits and children who have already received residence permits. The organisation also organises activities for newly arrived young people, homework help and language cafés.


KFUM is a youth movement in Sweden that is part of the international YWCA-YMCA organisation. KFUM works for democracy, the equal worth of people and social responsibility. It has many local branches around the country and involves young people in various social, cultural and sports-oriented activities. In Västra Götaland county, KFUM's local branches run activities for new arrivals, a charity shop, scouting activities and sports and cultural activities.

Mötesplats Spinneriet

Mötesplats Spinneriet is a collaboration platform that aims to offer new arrivals a good start in their new home. It is run by Ale municipality together with the Church of Sweden, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, associations, companies and engaged Ale residents.

Mötesplats Spinneriet offers new arrivals and established Swedes several ways to engage in order to meet, simply to practice speaking Swedish or to get to know each other a bit more. These include:
•Language café
•Homework help
•Language friend or mentor
•Workshops and knowledge evenings at Mötesplatsen

Parasport Göteborg

​​Gothenburg's Parasport association (Parasport Göteborg) offers new arrivals with various types of functional disabilities the opportunity to try a "sports school". At sports school they get to try out many different sports, including wheelchair basketball, archery, athletics, table tennis, goalball among many others.

Regional-SIOS Göteborg

Regional SIOS Göteborg is a cooperation organisation for ethnic associations in the Västra Götaland region. There are many associations in Västra Götaland county for people with different immigrant backgrounds. Several of these associations cooperate with SIOS Göteborg, which is a regional branch of central SIOS, based in Stockholm. The organisation has no party political or religious affiliation and works to strengthen participation, influence and social engagement for ethnic groups and organisations in Sweden. SISO Göteborg arranges thematic gatherings, training days, conferences, and also runs various projects. It is also a part of the network "Att åldras tillsammans" (Aging together), which works for more contact and understanding between native and immigrant seniors.

Save the Children

Save the Children (Rädda Barnen) is a children's rights organisation that works to safeguard the needs, interests and rights of all children. The organisation runs activities all over the world and has no political or religious affiliation. Rädda Barnen has three regional offices in Västra Götaland county, and local branches in a number of municipalities. Activities in the municipalities include many for new arrivals, unaccompanied children, homework help, discussion groups for young people and various project activities.

The Church of Sweden

The Church of Sweden has a long-standing and active involvement with refugee and immigration issues. It works in various ways to help new arrivals get a good start in Sweden. At the national level it works to shift asylum policies in a more legally certain and humane direction.  It also offers legal counselling to refugees and asylum seekers. At the local level there are a large number of parishes around the country. These offer support and help on various issues and run activities such as collections, language cafés, homework help, internships, charity shops and meeting venues. Much ofcivi what the Church of Sweden does on refugee and immigration issues is in collaboration with other churches, organisations and faith groups.

The Red Cross

​The work of the Red Cross (Röda Korset) is to prevent and mitigate human suffering. The goal is to protect people's life and health, create respect for the value of human life and promote peace. The organisation works all over the world, including locally in many places in Sweden. There are local Red Cross branches in most municipalities in Västra Götaland county. These run many different activities such as the venue and charity shop Kupan, language cafés, homework help and internship or mentor programmes.

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Municipalities in the county

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